The Converged Cloud – Is This What Businesses Are Looking For

The Converged Cloud – Is This What Businesses Are Looking For?

In a business environment different workloads are reserved to be in different places because they have diverse preferences and requirements. Keeping this menace in mind, HP alleges that its converged cloud solution lets enterprises envision and approach multiple clouds in a systematic and easy way.

Converged clouds empower customers and give them the capability to go back and actually look at the value of the services they try to deliver, rather than to be down into the infrastructure and understand where they are putting what. Digging in deeper, when a service claims that it lets consumers put things where they want to put them, it actually asserts that it is reducing friction between the different ongoing processes.

Let’s suppose that a business has a whole bunch of applications, a portion of which are really core to the way a business operates and to the value a company brings to its customers. These are the applications that the business categorically wants to keep close to home; probably first in a private and eventually in a managed cloud. Conversely, there also exist a whole lot of other applications which an enterprise certainly needs to have for running its business, but they do not differentiate the company from anyone else. A company does not want to bother getting involved with these applications; they may be put in a public cloud or in a managed cloud which is mostly handled by others. These applications fall under the set which one wants to run the fastest and the cheapest.

Once an enterprise has decided that an application is core and it has to run it in its private cloud, it needs to guess the capacity that it is going to need, when it is successful with its innovative product. Realistically speaking, in the practical world, a business would never want to be pinned down by the fact that IT cannot ramp up new service fast enough. So even if it is a private cloud environment, a business will want to burst out, for example to a managed cloud, so that the business can continue operating.

At the end of the day, by positioning appropriate services to their apt place, IT becomes the negotiator of services to a business in a cloud gamut, rather than just being the one who keeps the servers running. Originating from the notion that one size does not fit all, the HP converged cloud does sound like it is the next big thing for organizations all over the world. Let us wait and see how efficiently it can make the lives of corporates easier.

By Harris Smith