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3 Key Auto Areas That Stand To Gain Immensely From Cloud Computing

3 Key Auto Areas That Stand To Gain Immensely From Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the greatest influencers of the global auto industry. Fortunately the influence the cloud is having on the auto sector is the kind that brings more hope to the industry than the kind of misery it is facing at present. Auto-mobile executives can at least bank on the cloud to streamline their manufacturing processes, cut down on costs and turn in the profits.

The following three critical areas of the auto industry stand to benefit the most out of cloud computing:

Energy consumption

Automotive companies have been struggling to cut down on their energy consumption, but to no good success because most of the approaches they used could not be sustained over a long time and yet ensure that efficiency and quality are maintained. But now there is a ray of sunshine for the industry, and this ray is coming in form of virtualization. Essentially, virtualization will reduce the amount of energy consumed in the manufacturers’ data centers while tackling the EOSL challenge head on. This creates perfect room for new equipment to find its way to the manufacturing environment, efficiently so.

Test & Development

The test and development arena is perhaps one of the most sensitive stage in any auto-manufacturing environment. Companies are constantly faced with the challenge of running and maintenance costs for the machines used in this stage. These costs often run high, they are seldom uniform and the whole exercise becomes extremely expensive in the long run. But with cloud computing, automotive companies can deploy automated provisioning via virtual systems which can equally be used to achieve effective de-provisioning. Images can be transited through the virtual platform, both offline and online. The cost of implementing the virtual solutions are far much low and practically sustainable.


Without innovation the auto industry is as good as dead. It is one of the most significant areas of the auto industry largely because every company relies on some intelligent innovation in order to produce the kind of cars that will attract consumers and persuade them to reach for their cheque books. But innovation is also expensive because it takes resources, enormous collaboration as well as intensive research. The ultimate role of cloud computing in auto-innovation is mainly driven by intelligent software that are customized for different categories of the automotive industry. Cloud based software will cut down the hefty costs that go into configuration, hardware installations and annual software licenses. Engineers and innovation architects will spend more time doing innovation rather than spending valuable time to install, maintain and troubleshoot the traditional expensive software.

With these areas well addressed by the automobile sector, the auto-process as it were will transform from a complicated and tiring task to one where teams of designers and engineers collaborate throughout the manufacturing life-cycle, all in the cloud. These areas are definitely not all that the automotive industry needs to consider when implementing cloud computing solutions, but they provide a significant start point that could translate to impressive ROI if well executed.

By John Omwamba

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