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Cloud Stakeholders Paint A Picture Of Trends In The Latter Half Of 2012

Cloud Stakeholders Paint A Picture Of Trends In The Latter Half Of 2012

There has been much ado about the direction that cloud computing is heading after it has received rave reviews. This trend seems to be at its hottest pitch, with companies from all sectors now showing more interest than ever to join the cloud.

In mid June 2012, North Bridge Venture Partners revealed the results of a survey that sought to find out what business leaders see in the cloud, at least in the near future. It emerged that 50 percent of stakeholders in the tech sector believe that the reason they joined, and why they believe others will come aboard the bandwagon, is the professionalism in place. Cloud computing is mature in terms of app development and dedicated technologies that give their enterprises’ visions the flexibility of expression.

A scalable option

Fifty-seven percent of stakeholders in the cloud community believe that this is the next big thing on the Internet for the 2012–2013 and onward. It has high potential and the power to expand businesses. But security remains the Achilles’ heel, as 55 percent of polled stakeholders were of the view that the safety consideration comes before any other factor when sending data across the cloud.

PaaS receives the highest preferential rate in the future

Though it is not the most used platform, Platform as a Service (PaaS) has continued to attract investors in the sector. It is the platform among the other four in cloud computing that focuses on development and integration of apps. PaaS is supported by 85 percent of the stakeholders in the latter quarter of 2012.

The cloud will go hybrid

It appears that no independent or web-based cloud is attractive enough to users. This is why stakeholders are now focusing on hybrid systems—independent clouds for confidential data processing and web-based models for applications. The archival part of hosting earned the biggest accolade, with majority saying efficiency is their ticket to liking this system, together with protecting data in double formats to guard against loss. This is a system available from many cloud hosts.

By John Omwamba

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