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Has Cloud Computing Come Of Age For Small Businesses?

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Cloud Computing For Small Businesses?

Whether or not cloud computing has come of age for small businesses or not is a question of fact. Its answer varies from one individual to the next. However, what is eminent is the fact that, cloud computing is a force to reckon with and so are its applications. In a recent survey that was carried out, more than 64% percent of all small business owners have a cloud application of one sort. For the rest, how can you leverage your business, so that it can fully benefit from the cloud solutions available?

Backing up data is like insurance

To small businesses, backing up of information is like insurance. You need all the records and data you can get for your business. Naturally, if a fire or any other calamity would strike in your small business, this means hefty losses. It would also mean an uncertain future for the business, including making it possible for one to close down.

As a small business therefore, having a way that can help you have these details in order and completely secure means you can have where to start in case of such eventualities. Of course data backup is easy with other platforms, but the cloud offers not-notch security and reliability to this end.

Streamlining operations

As a small business owner, you need whatever dollar comes your way to survive. This means that, you have to ensure your business processes, employees and other optimal resources are fully utilized. There are different ways your small business can leverage cloud computing to boost your profits and cut costs. Here are the most important ways:

  1. File sharing is an essential part in any business. Or rather, you can link it to task sharing, efficiently. Different cloud solutions allow you to share information with different individuals. It could either be internally or externally with suppliers, to make orders and feedback and so forth. There is no limit to how much time and money this can save you assuming you or a member of your lean staff had to make the travels. This would be really costly.
  2. Cloud solutions can also allow your employees to telecommute. If your business is smaller, you could close shop and work from home. The trickle effect of this capability is made of stone. You will cut down your work load, spend less on small tasks, outsource part of your work and so forth. This cost cutting will help boost your business objectives.

Economies of scale

This is indeed, the most effective part of the whole cloud computing platform with small businesses. In many cases, small businesses cannot compete with big businesses because of the economies of scale the former enjoys. However with cloud computing, there is no limit to the things your business can leverage better when economies of scale are involved. This can boost a business’ competitive advantage and propel it to greater heights.

In general, cloud computing has immense benefits to a small business. As a business owner, what you need to do is analyze your business. Once you know what parts efficiency can be achieved, go for it and implement the changes.

By Walter Bailey

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