PaaS – Top 5 Trends Which May Rule This Lustrum

PaaS – Top 5 Trends Which May Rule This Lustrum

The latest buzz in the IT industry is not about iPhone5, but about PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). The industry is already split into two groups—one shouting for the long life of IaaS and the other cheering for PaaS.

PaaS, with its end-user freedom and facilities, has already won many hearts as a much promising enterprise solution than its forerunner, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This fast-growing cloud computing service just requires an enterprise to buy or rent the server, storage, and network. Then, with the solution stack and some virtual tools, the enterprise can easily create or customize its own platform. If we go with the market analysis and prediction, this SaaS is all set to rule the IT world for at least the next five years.

Let’s take a look at how SaaS is going to shape up the coming lustrum.

1. More work equals to more SaaS

The workload in the next five years is not going to slow down. So in all probabilities, management will try to cut off unnecessary expenditures and increase productivity. Only PaaS can ensure the dexterity and competency the IT professionals need to meet the organizational expectations.

2. Public PaaS will take over SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will be flooded with different extensive public PaaS services. As more service providers will join the market, it is expected that the SMEs will be in a win-win situation and will reap thousands of benefits from the growing market competition. Market researchers say that the subscription price will notice a steep fall.

3. Open source PaaS will rule the cloud world

With the ever-growing workload, the business people will be in need of customizable cloud solutions. Only open source PaaS can provide the middleware on which the big companies will be able to craft their own cloud architecture.

4. Proprietary PaaS will top the demand graph

Big enterprises not only ask for open source platform, but also tight security; hence, it creates a chance that Proprietary PaaS will come to the fore and become more flexible about incorporating more languages, API, or various frameworks. At a glance, it will be a complete solution as a customized stack.

5. PaaS will open a new horizon of Mix & Match

The moment the whole IT industry will jump on embracing PaaS, different demands from different customers will start showing up, leading to a possibility that cloud service providers will be excited to mix and match multiple options without sticking to the conventional methods. ‘Hybriding’ will be the keyword, for sure.

By Sam Fontaine

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