Why Liaison’s Acquisition Of Hubspan Is Good For Cloud Integration

Why Liaison’s Acquisition Of Hubspan Is Good For Cloud Integration

Last week, you may have read about Liaison Technologies’ acquisition of Hubspan and wondered why? After all, the companies share many similarities in cloud integration and cloud services brokerage (CSB) offerings, so is Liaison simply trying to knock out a strong competitor? The answer is an unequivocal “no.” In truth, we’ve been dancing around the idea of combining our two companies for a few years now. A mutual respect grew as we discovered how close we are in our approach to the market and to serving our customers, but the time simply wasn’t right until now.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen the need for cloud integration services rapidly grow and with it, the rise of the cloud services brokerage model. Big data, combined with the accelerated adoption of cloud-based technologies, services, applications and infrastructures, all create a greater need to integrate and manage data as it flows and is consumed by on-premise processes and multiple cloud-based services. Within the last two years, we’ve witnessed most of the major objections to cloud computing—security, control and reliability—be adequately addressed by cloud providers, leading more organizations to adopt a broader range of cloud-based business services and technologies. In addition, there is an ongoing need to share information beyond the firewall with a broader set of external partners.

The intersection of these drivers fuels the need for cloud services brokerages. To be competitive in today’s marketplace, companies have to respond quickly to market opportunities. Cloud services help them do this. The roadblock, however, is the complexity of developing the connections and harmonizing data to tap into these services and the fact that these are mission critical services needing a proven cloud-integration platform to knit this all together. It is a technical and financial burden few companies are equipped to handle. Time-to-market is also a huge factor. Companies in the process of adopting cloud-based infrastructures and applications generally want it to happen fast. A CSB enables companies to quickly take advantage of various cloud services because they’ve already established the connections.

CSBs that are experts at data integration are especially important to companies as they plan their strategy for tapping into additional cloud services and data-as-a-service offerings. Integration CSBs remove the technical challenges of connecting to and managing multiple clouds and integrating and managing data between those services and with on-premise applications. Consolidating (or brokering) multiple cloud services into a single connection between your company and the integration brokerage helps to simplify the on-boarding and use of cloud services, with the added benefit of aggregating, normalizing, customizing and enhancing business information in the cloud. The increasing demand for integration CSB services made the time ripe for Liaison to acquire Hubspan, in order to pool our strengths to better serve this growing market.

Liaison now resides at the confluence of two relatively large and well-established markets as an integration and data management company. Hubspan are experts in business process integration and collaboration. Both companies offer tailored, customized integration CSB solutions to Global 1000 companies for the purpose of solving complex business process integration challenges, but with very little vertical market overlap.

Both Liaison and Hubspan have long believed in the customized approach of managed services. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our customers by being very aware of their business processes. This is a contrast to CSBs that simply move information and translate it, indifferent to what’s on the endpoint. Real-time business intelligence is also a key strategy for Liaison and Hubspan. Both companies have built platforms to support it with managed services wrapped around technology to support real-time (not near real-time) business integration. As a combined company, this capability just gets stronger and makes us more valuable to our customers than traditional message-based platform vendors that are trying to convert themselves into CSBs.

With Liaison and Hubspan’s two decades of combined experience, we’re able to double down on the technology to become the industry’s largest cloud integration provider. Our resulting new company is specialized in data management, process integration and data security for cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid solutions, fully dedicated to serving our customers to their fullest advantage and bringing the best solutions to the industry.

By Bob Renner,

Bob Renner is president and CEO of Liaison Technologies, a global provider of secure cloud-based integration and data management services and solutions. For more information, visit www.liaison.com or contact marketing@liaison.com.

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