Cloud Music And The Radio Star

Cloud Music And The Radio Star

As far as music lovers are concerned, there are two options available for listening to tunes: the radio or a device that must loaded with music. For loading a device with a personal playlist, this is achieved by recording a list of songs on some media and it involves carrying some electronic device. The cloud computing revolution has given audiophiles everywhere the ability to listen to the music want to hear, anywhere there is an internet connection.

With the advent of cloud music storage, consumers can upload their music to a cloud server and access their songs via an internet connected device. The service is usually free up to a point and this does require some sort of ripping software to convert the song title from a portable media or downloading music from an online music source. As well, the music choices depend on the actions of the client – they listen to whatever they upload.

What if it was possible to have access to music without such effort? Pandora Radio offers this service to clients by creating a personalized radio streaming station based on the listener’s chosen criteria. While a client may chose a particular artist, the station creation is based on metrics that include similar sounding artists and not just streaming all music from the searched criteria. The service is free, if a subscriber is willing to listen to pre-recorded ads, or a subscriber can upgrade to a monthly fee to avoid the ads. The service can be accessed via an internet connected television or mobile device, and when that mobile device is paired with some of the latest models of vehicles, you have a solid contender to satellite radio.

Just recently, Microsoft entered the music streaming field by launching Xbox Music. With characteristics from both the music storage world and from the internet radio streaming world, Xbox Music offers a broader choice of options available for subscribers. Like Pandora, the service is free, with ads, or ad free for a monthly price. Unlike Pandora, however, Xbox Music will be available to 22 countries, as opposed to Pandora’s three countries of availability. As well, Microsoft has plans to expand beyond just the Xbox, imagining the possibilities with the Apple OS and Android OS.

Will this new technology be the death knell for radio DJ’s everywhere? Probably not, but it certainly will be a catalyst for changing the way consumers acquire a listening library.

By Robin Berry

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