Treading Carefully With Cloud Computing Solutions, Contracts, And Services

Treading Carefully With Cloud Computing Solutions, Contracts, And Services

Many businesses have joined the cloud because it’s a technology that promises a lot. And in the race to gain the most from the cost subsidies and efficiencies that come with it, businesses are unknowingly taking on significant risks. This is because some of the cloud solutions they are buying into could be detrimental in the long run. This article looks at some of the challenges businesses will face with cloud computing, the realities surrounding them, and tips to overcome them.

Ignorance is no defense

Many businesses that have adopted cloud computing have little or no idea of what service they expect. Some businesses assume cloud computing will automatically solve their offline problems. They need to understand that cloud computing is no different from their original computing models. It just gives them the advantage of hosted hardware and software that otherwise would cost them more. This means businesses need to be aware of what their provider offers in order to evaluate their options.

Ambiguity in contracts

Most cloud computing contracts favor service providers. As a result, if you buy a cloud service from a company, they tie you to their terms and conditions. Most cloud computing providers strip themselves of responsibility in their contracts. Experts advise businesses to shop around for cloud computing providers who offer fair contracts, with terms and conditions free from ambiguity.

Study the laws that bind the contract

Different cloud computing contracts are created according to different laws. This means that there are duties and responsibilities for both parties to the contract. Sometimes, some of the activities you intend to do could be seen as breaking or bending the rules, so it’s essential you understand your responsibilities in the contract. This will not only help you avoid penalties, but it will also ensure you are legally protected.

There is no way you can make your company responsible for security in your cloud

In general, security and privacy are contentious issues for most cloud computing providers. No provider will allow you to audit them or question their services. As such, when they say security is taken care of, their word is law. There is no way you can make them enforce something, or verify if they did what they promised.

In general, cloud computing is not fully proofed because its uptake is rather young. As the sector grows, many changes will have to be implemented. In the meantime, you must use cloud computing at its best considering the above challenges.

By Gregory Musungu

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