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Cloud Archiving And The Benefits For Your Business

Cloud Archiving And The Benefits For Your Business

Cloud archiving is a document storage solution that means that data and documents no longer need to be stored as physical, paper documents, but can be transformed into digital format and stored in ‘the cloud’. Many businesses have mounds of paper documents and filing cabinets stacking up in their places of work, some even have whole rooms filled from floor to ceiling with old paper documents that need to be kept but are taking up valuable real estate in their buildings.

However, cloud archives provide a solution to this very predicament, allowing businesses to get their space back as they can now have all their old data and documents scanned into digital format and stored in ‘the cloud’.

This solution enables businesses to access their documents ‘anywhere, anytime’ as documents are stored in a central online storage that can be accessed from multiple offices or locations; at home or on the move.

Most organizations do not have the luxury of having their own sophisticated IT department and therefore online document storage provides them with a better and cheaper backup and disaster recovery service.

By using a cloud archive solution companies can rest assured that their documents are safe, secure, and also easily retrievable. Have you ever spent a long period of time searching through filing cabinets and drawers to find the document that you need? This is the case for all businesses all over the world, and many spend several days each year just searching for and organizing paper documents. But what if you could type a few words into a search query, and instantly be shown the document you want? Cloud-based storage enables you to do that.

A cloud-based archive solution is also protected from damage or loss and allows easy access to specific data when it is required for a compliance audit. The data is encrypted and stored in a fully redundant, geographically separate hosted environment, so if something happens to one of the data centers then the documents are fully backed up in the second.

Security has become incredibly important for regulatory purposes within a lot of organizations, along with business continuity and employee well-being. This has meant that document security has become a challenge for many businesses but they can trust that their documents are completely safe in a cloud archive.

By John Pittman,

John Pittman, VP Business Development,, SecureCare Technologies, Inc. SecureCare securely digitizes, processes and stores sensitive information. Today it provides a ‘super secure’ cloud based fax service named Sfax and Scrypt is a cloud-based document scanning and archiving solution.


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