The vision is chilling. It’s another busy day. An employee arrives and logs on to the network only to be confronted by a locked screen displaying a simple message: “Your files have been captured and encrypted. To release them, you must pay...”

Not Sure About The Security Of Your Cloud Data? Build Your Own Cloud!

Not Sure About The Security Of Your Cloud Data? Build Your Own Cloud!

When it comes to personal use the cloud has always stood for a comfortable means for storing your most valuable data in an online server where you could easily access it from any internet terminal. It also represents a place where you and your family can access the same pictures, movies and documents at any given time. But, despite the increasing security measures, there are still a lot of people who do not trust the security of the cloud with their more private data, although they would still like the ability to share that data with their family and loved ones.

And for the families that leave in one place there are now several solutions allowing them to have a personal family cloud independent of any online resource. We are talking about what is basically a smart hard drive capable of working under its own power, not being connected to any PC, and that interacts with the family’s wireless router. It can be accessed by any computer that knows the router’s password and it can automatically back up important data for all the computers in its range.

Of course the major problem with this system is the fact that the users still need to be in range of the wireless network in order to access data on the hard drive but there are many third party apps that can allow an administrator to share information from the hard drive online. Obviously this raises again the question of online security but since your personal data would not be saved on a dedicated server it will be safer from the attacks of hackers who usually go for thousands of user accounts at once. What’s even more important is the fact that your particular IP address is usually randomized and so it is even more difficult for a hacker to target a specific person.

Still there are several drawbacks to the system, particularly in terms of the cost. The usual offer from producers like Western Digital is $150 for a 1TB hard drive and the prices only go up. Just to give you an idea of what that means there are several online storage companies like BackBlaze who offer unlimited storage space for $3.96 a month if you pay for a 2 year membership with them. Of course, there are those that will argue that you cannot count on your data’s security no matter the online service and so the extra money you would be paying are worth the effort but if you are not very worried about the data you would be backing up than it is definitely cheaper and safer to go with them.

In fact the biggest worry that a home cloud represents is that, like anyone piece of hardware, it can break down and you could lose all of your data. And for that reason either using a RAID hard drives configuration or a cloud service are still the only choices we have. Perhaps the only real solution is a combination of the two services thus creating the possibility to enjoy the best of both worlds.

By Luchi Gabriel Manescu

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