Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Audriga

Top 25 European Rising Stars: Audriga

……..Audriga says It’s Time to Stop an Email Clog via Its Migration SaaS

The German startup, Audriga has not many peers in a business that many have thought does not exist. According to Gartner, transferring an email with all its contents requires $18. Now one considers what it amounts to when an entity not only transfers its staff’s, personal and corporate emails, but does away with one host for another domain provider without losing its data stream. Mind-boggling sums are already forming in the head.  Audriga says that it stems the billowing tide of expense by using its Software as a Service (SaaS) migration cloud to reduce costs in about three spheres:

  • Software
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

For software solutions, the typical cloud can readily supply an answer with its pay-as-you-go formula. However, Audriga has a browsing tool that helps to configure the migration process, online, without any need to install or pay for software. This is while not forgetting the ease, uptime and fastness of the transfer. As all open source technologies are, there are no barriers between one diverse format and another for they all melt into one compatible application. This is the same situation with this particular offering.

In infrastructure, the word is uptime. Audriga does not send one webmail account to a remote data center, at a time, but uses the wide network broadband of the cloud to migrate simultaneously. It can send an entire blog to another host or pile up documents from a webmail that is full in the company’s private data base. All this happens in one fell swoop. Julius Parisius of Karlsruhe says of the product:
The service was easy to use and the migration succeeded flawlessly.

Security for contacts and personal data migration is possible by Audriga’s assertion of sticking to European Union regulations about information safety. The startup does this by ensuring that it follows all privacy and Information Technology policies that are on the ground.

Audriga uses its domain to initiate the process of sending finance, market and product emails into the desired end point. The latter can be a new domain, online mail portal or in-house database. In market terms, one can see how the email lists of two hundred consumers, for example, on the site, underwent over three thousand migrations to a new hosting platform. In finance matters, one espies the removal of account details from a provider to another while in the product sphere, one sees the development phase (with all the research and troubleshooting data collected within the phase) migrate to a better web storage base.

Audriga is pretty audacious for a recent site because it not only targets consumers but Information Technology experts and hosting firms. When it is not dealing with consumers, like companies directly, it offers what it calls “migration as a service” to hosts and IT personnel. The site remarks that hosts can increase their domain sales when they provide space from which users can migrate their contacts easily if need be. The allowance to move to a new webmail or hosting environment gives users confidence in that their data, under the current provider, is safe, besides the assurance that they can transfer it without complications. Information Technology teams benefit from the fact that they get to fast-track the migration procedure without any hitches. Whether it is an IT department outsourcing for a company or for the host, either way it benefits by increasing customer confidence when the transition is hitch-free.

When it comes to cross-platform migration, Audriga works with several desktop and online systems. One of these is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This happens through integration of Interface Programming (API), where various apps work together in a design that requires no further software installation. Workspace management programs also sync with the Audriga’s applications. The startup does not mention whether it works with specific Operating System’s products, search engine systems or software of similar nature from private vendors. MigrationWiz, another established cloud migrating company, specifically mentions its industry systems like Gmail and Windows mailing products.

Audriga, one of the three best startups in Europe, according to a EuroCloud rewarding platform, is based in the biggest economy in Europe, Germany. Its founders include Frank Dengler, Hans-Jorg Happel and Dr. Thomas King. All of them contribute in different managerial and operational roles, which have perhaps made their startup worthy of being one of the European Rising Stars.

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