Cloud News On The Cloud: December 21st, 2012

Cloud News On The Cloud: December 21st, 2012

This week the Cloud got a C+ in terms of real usability by small businesses from Forbes but a big A+ for security, Santa is moving his PR division to the Cloud and Red Hat takes one more step towards fulfilling their clients’ needs about the Cloud.

Forbes’ Myths about Cloud Security

Forbes has published this week a list of myths that have been keeping people weary about Cloud security. The articles touches on things like whether the Cloud presents new technology challenges since it is a new system, just how much data sharing is really done in the Cloud and it he presence of the Cloud has really increased that traffic. There are even some very interesting myths that the articles debunks about what the law has to say about data on the Cloud, whether data shared on an offshore server is still as safe as data on local servers or if it is even protected by the same laws. The overall impression is one of confidence since the security on the Cloud is something that has grown as the Internet developed.

Santa Has Moved to the Cloud Too

A 15 year old Santa site is getting more and more traction. Allan Kerr created 15 years ago because a Postal Service strike was preventing his nephews and nieces to send an email to Santa. The site is currently getting 10 e-mails per second around Christmas time and is bound to get a face lift and a host of apps for Android and iPhone. The interesting thing is that the site is just one more proof of how the Cloud is slowly but surely insinuating its presence in every walk of life.

ManageIQ on Red Hat’s Acquisition List

Red Hat will buy cloud management expert company ManageIQ. The world’s most beloved Linux platform is thus reacting to the response they received from the industry and customers about their open hybrid cloud. The open source software concept has been slowly growing but it is revolution created by the Cloud that has really taken it from being a complex system only accessible to a narrow range of specialists to being the norm for software development. And the fact that Red Hat is only reacting to their own customer’s needs proves once again that the Cloud is getting more and more acceptance from the business world.

Yahoo Is Updating It’s iOS Browser

In a world where Google and Firefox are fighting for supremacy Yahoo is slowly building a reputation as a reliable browser. Firefox became one of the dominant browsers for PCs because it established itself as the best browser and so more and more “family experts” were won over. So there is no reason why the iPhone and, perhaps, Android could not end up being dominated by Yahoo’s Axis rather than by anyone else.

The Cloud Gets a C+ for Potential from Small Business

A Forbes article this week sums up the general feeling about the Cloud by comparing to a brilliant student in class who is just not putting in the effort to get the high grades it deserves. Among the complains about Cloud services is that, while they are the cheapest solution for small and medium sized businesses, they are also unreliable since 3G and 4G services do not have full coverage across the US. The biggest concerns, though, are centered around the fact that cheap cloud services have poor customer support so when accidents happen recuperating your precious data can be a very big hassle.

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