Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: CanvasDropr

Canvas Dropper Startup

Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: CanvasDropr

….File Sharing The Visual Way, Software Compatibility the Smooth way-CanvasDropr

The first thing that meets the eye in CanvasDropr’s blog is the lurid presentation of information. It is like the team from Denmark are indeed technically showing just how smooth their synchronization technology can get. They are masters, as far as startups go, in terms of creating visualization interface in the file sharing process. As one reviewer says, it is a: “Visual Dropbox.”

Perhaps this is true but it does not constitute the graphical factor alone to make it a visual Dropbox. There are file exchange elements that only a serious entity in the cloud can help bring to life and this is the collaboration aspect. The software, for one, is compatible with more than twenty file formats. This draws back the mind to the blog of the startup where it states that customers should be the kings of universally accessible applications. This is tongue in cheek self-praise meaning that by having a twenty-plus file format support range, the end-user need not undergo any expense trying to set up or even purchase the software.

Real Time Synch

There are three aspects that are synonymous with CanvasDropr which make it a greater or smaller DropBox, according to one’s viewpoint, including:

Collaborative interface.
Document Editing programs.
Visualization during file exchange.

The above three aspects further fall into these cloud packages on offer from CanvasDropr:

The Shorts & Cap segment belies the document editing part of it. Documentation is something that should be live in multiple screens, whether split or by virtue of being in use by various authors. The missing link, for many companies that have not deployed into a SaaS program is lack of software that is in sync with existing applications. This means that one can be able to read the same script with the ease of just hitting a button and it comes to the screen without calling for installation of any stat. The site caps the section well by highlighting how one might present a “virtual blank sheet” where each of the editing, painting or sketching parties can contribute something no matter how remote they are from each other.

Suits & Sushi is the other package which encapsulates visualization during the file exchange procedure. It comes with all the keener abilities of master file remittance software, which is to say, storing multiple mega bytes of data, while also increasing the uptime between one transmission and another. The visual part comes courtesy of sync technology that allows collaborators who may have diverse apps, such as, a flash player to view the same thing, optimally that another on a modern android video viewer is seeing. This adds momentum to the process of improving text, video or still files because each member can simultaneously view, select and do a comparison of the files under discussion. CanvasDropr says that it allows unlimited use of the provision to a cross-section of partners but does not reveal the bandwidth specifics to back the claim. Still, it is worthy of a trial.

Books & Coffee: This is the package from CanvasDropr that touches the collaborative interface. It mainly sets its kaleidoscope on the learning community which has an edge when it can be able to present education through high-end applications. Cited examples include PowerPoint and to make the matter easy, the technology apparently allows users to manually place works ready for presentation on the medium, such as, PowerPoint. This belies the ‘canvas’ of the name CanvasDropr probably.

canvas meeting

The efficacy of the entire file exchange process in the cloud computing pattern of storing first before sending is made possible by the highly compatible software applications of this tool. It operates in the tradition of Application Programming Interface, which is the basis of most open source apps. CanvasDropr goes an extras mile to say that the platform is not the real deal but the fact that it is open source to the end-user. It provides an example of how corporate teams try to enforce collaboration, interminably, but fail because they have to install what they consider the most versatile sharing frameworks, only to meet a dead end when the consumer does not have syncing programs on the other end.

Thus, CanvasDropr makes it to the 2012 annals of European Rising Stars in the cloud realm for giving a graphical edge to droll file sharing. It enables users to view what is going on before them, whether they are in a partnership project or they are comparing notes. The greatest thing is that it eliminates third-party programs. It is also admirable to note that Nordic states, from which this startup comes, are making it to the realm of tech expertise with an edge: indeed, CanvasDropr finished the tenth in a shortlist of best emerging startups by SmartCamp, an initiative by IBM.

By John Omwamba

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