Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: YobiDrive

Top 25 European Risng Stars: YobiDrive

….YobiDrive: A Smart Choice for Cryptographic File Sharing on The Cloud

The Top 25 European Rising Stars is a special annual series by CloudTweaks, where we seek to celebrate new cloud startups that have demonstrated the strongest impact across the year. These have earned little or no press coverage nor loquacious claims but they are indeed rising. To authoritatively arrive at the top 25, we have applied a criteria pegged on critical parameters like the quality of management, current funding, valuable service provision, European based and professionalism in all respects.

In the face of the rise of the Smartphone as the major tool of communication and even for remote business interaction today, it was high time encryption technologies improved. There are upcoming cloud providers ready to meet this deficit. One such provider is YobiDrive, a Luxembourg startup that is leveraging on the way individuals and corporate entities exchange files cryptically. They can even choose on how they want to disburse the files, who can gain a key into the documentation stage, and who has the viability to access the finished product.

There are three approaches to YobiDrive in terms of:

1. Device-to-device harmonization
2. Cryptographic cloud storage
3. Core Services: File Sharing

Device-to-device Harmonization:  From the homepage of YobiDrive, one gets to visualize how diverse gadgets, ranging from tablets to smart cellular devices, can interact privately. If the user is away from office, he or she only needs to unlock the company’s or private cloud to either view or work on a document. There is a similar model, albeit concentrating more on cryptography in Microsoft’s workspace, which envisions a way of letting people view content in its read-only format, but they cannot go into altering it if they have no authority. YobiDrive, does not concentrate as much on the above score as it does in ensuring that only an authorized ID unlocks private information using a different device. This is why the startup uses API technology to ensure that no matter how different a mobile gadget’s operational framework is from that of a computer, the latter being the source of the private data, the data remains foolproof against illegal tapping.

Cryptographic Cloud Storage: Going by the multi-tenancy option of the cloud, YobiDrive expands its file sharing drive into a fully-fledged cryptographic sending-and-receiving storage conduit. This deters other networks within a multiple-tenant cloud infrastructure from reading each other’s data that is always in perpetual motion. In the face of it, the startup has recognized the need for double-encrypting documents, in their finished file stage, so that when they are in transit, they do not spill some of their contents to hackers. This is courtesy of its key technology, alongside its drive-style remote storage. Of course even the drive is not averse to viral attacks, which makes the encryption precaution a little off the mark, for as Microsoft’s  research team says, it is more about searching for “homomorphic encryption” and similar trials that the consolidation of existing crypto technology will finally succeed.

Core Services: File Sharing: The YobiDrive’s agility at file sharing is discernable in the ability to improve uptime and reduce the time a file spends on the network during the remission process. The software edifies a single click impetus, even when a file is in the documentation stage, right into a published format. Say, if one is working on a blog post on the current  offers that his/ her company has in store, they can keep hitting the button, stage by stage, to save the publication instead of undergoing many stages before publishing. There is also an organizing icon from this provider that helps to profile the valid partners in an ongoing file exchange project. Each receives a key to the repository, so that the files can stay in an anonymous format that only the partners can unlock when need be. The accessibility limitation even moves into the world of equal partners: users can curtail the seeing of the work in progress until a certain time comes. Microsoft’s research lab, however, sees certain obstacles in that format meaning that the Internet as a browsing field, will initiate search with certain keywords that will allow the work to be available even in its encrypted form. Thus, in spite of trying the best to make file sharing a secure process by cloud security standards, YobiDrive can do more to boost this overlook.
Users on Google webmaster pages are already recommending the technology with some commenting on the software as being “fully elastic.” There are also overtones of how the storage solution adheres to S3 implementation guidelines, thus making its cloud suitability even greater.

Thus, YobiDrive qualifies into the Top 25 European Rising Stars because of the fact that it is fully-fledged in storage, cryptography and file sharing. There might be loopholes, here and there, but any way, encryption has always attracted diverse views. The Luxembourg startup is an offering of the EZC Group.

By John Omwamba

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