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Cloud News On The Cloud: January 7th, 2013

Cloud News On The Cloud: January 7th, 2013

2012 ended strong for cloud service and security providers as we continue to see wide acceptance of the Cloud by both individual users and giant, multinational companies. Microsoft and Google keep fighting for a piece of the cloud enterprise service level while Ubuntu is making the transition to the mobile world.

Cloud Data Protection Is at an All Time High

That is, at least, what the leaders in the business experience as the year draws to a close. PerspecSys, one of the leading companies in cloud security announced that, as 2012 came to a close they were able to draw the line and celebrate the fact that they achieved all their goals. They were able to drive wide adoption of their multi-cloud gateway platform and through that their sales went through the roof. In fact they are able to boost two international corporations and a global financial institution. This speaks of not only their success but of the unprecedented levels of cloud adoptions this implies.

Agile IT Doubles Sales

The end of the year spelled success for San Diego cloud service provider Agile IT. Theirs is one of the many small to medium sized businesses that exist to support the users of giant cloud service providers. That means Agile IT is actually an IT service helping companies transition from the PC based version of Microsoft Office to the online version of Office 365. Their cloud business may account for only 5% of Microsoft’s total revenue but only helping implement those services is enough for this company to more than triple its revenue and to double the number of their employees.

Ubuntu Is Spreading to the Smartphone

Great news for Ubuntu fans everywhere: a new operating system will be released by Canonical and it will have the ability to completely interface with your PC version of Ubuntu. The move is brilliant because it finally allows the complete home based cloud coverage that most apps aspire to achieve. This time we are going to have an operating system that will actually allow users full control over their phones via their PC once it is docked. And the best news is that the system will be available to both entry level smartphones with at least 1 GHz CPUs and to high end quad-core CPUs where the user experience will obviously be immensely improved.

Microsoft Is Not Worried about Google in the Enterprise Environment

Neither Google or Microsoft have managed to develop any real market share with their SaaS apps despite the fact that both are making their Office tools deliciously attractive to all segments of the market. However, Julia Smith, Microsoft’s business division’s general manager has stated that Google is obviously not interested in providing the kind of high quality apps for the business world. This may just be an answer, though, to Amit Singh’s, Google’s head of enterprise, statement that Google’s goal is to attract 90 per cent of current Microsoft Office users.

Facebook Accused of Massive Click Fraud

A UK based cloud computing company, Charity Engine, has recently stated that they are no longer using Facebook because “Facebook is allowing click-fraud on a massive scale”. As it stands today not all fans of a page will view posts from that page in their news feed unless the company pays to have its posts promoted. Facebook alleges that the technique was set in place to prevent its users from being spammed by unwanted posts and whether that is the real purpose or not they have lost the Charity Engine business and they have encouraged their fan base to follow them on Google+.

By Luchi Gabriel Manescu

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