Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Cedexis

Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Cedexis

…..Star Status for Cedexis, a Startup Advocating Multiplatform Cloud Cohabitationcedexis

Cedexis has attained trailblazing star status even in the tender stages of development in its Paris, France headquarters. It has already amassed a double share of prestigious prizes from top-notch evaluation sites in continental Europe. The firm exudes the power of multiple-cloud habitation where geo-political boundaries melt, as well as those of technology, in readiness for data accessibility at any time, by any means.

To Cedexis, it is not just infrastructure that matters to the cloud performance. Rather, it is the integrity of the networks, the cooperation of data facilities and the breaking down of icy offshore rules. All lead to the eventual freeing of the cloud bird. What does this mean? It simply points out to a situation where a tool can tell a surfer which is the best platform that stores the data of a certain company, at that given moment, to visit, before a switch comes through saying that a new provider has just gotten better than the predecessor, and so forth. Thus, just like the pay-as-you-go model of the cloud rewards users by data volume and time they spend on the foreign infrastructure, the tool will reward data owners with the most suitable network that is transiting or hosting their data at the moment. System backlogs and other failures will not figure much as they usually do in single-source clouds.

In acknowledging recent honors, the startup was quick to say how novelty of their programs impacts on and even derives from customers.

It is the ever-changing requirements of our customers that drive the innovation we create,” were the remarks of Julien Coulon who co-founded Cedexis after receiving an innovation prize.

The acclaim came to the firm for its efforts in the software development sector. The ceremony took place in France’s capital.

The accolades did not start here either: a few months back, Cedexis had received a prestigious recognition as the “best cloud start-up.” The annual occasion recognizes cloud and tech companies in Europe that show drive.


Multiplatform Cohabitation

Cedexis is best known for its visualization platform, the Cedexis Radar, whose goal is to orientate hosting experiences in different ISPs, remote datacenters and browsing networks. When one is in lull stage, has broken down or cannot just work due to an inexplicable hitch, the Radar switches the hosting experience to another provider. This alternates between a slow and a fast provider, depending on the actual capabilities and speed limitations within the bloated cloud ecosystem.

It is rare that a tool can allow multiple habitations and at the same time visualize the cross-migratory process on the screen. Cedexis uses the OpenMix limb to transit traffic of a site to the nearest or most convenient DNS or ISP facilitator at that given moment. The good news is that the routing process is automatic and thus does not require troubleshooting.

According to the startup, the purpose of the cohabitated framework is to facilitate clients to operate conveniently within a closeted data environment without suffering any shortcomings that come from a multiplicity of data conduits within the system. There is even a systematic procedure that Cedexis uses to select the most convenient platform. Out of mind-boggling data calculations, it selects the most versatile delivery networks out of 34000 infrastructures from over two hundred and thirty nations.

Cedexis is also an advocate of the cost-to-performance tenet. Instead of relying on one private or hybrid facilitator, it would be wiser to do this on many platforms at the same time. Furthermore, payment will only go to the most productive of the platforms. The selection is usually automatic, as an earlier passage points out, and thus easy to deploy. Passing the buck to the most versatile provider is, arguably, one of the most important innovations on cloud provisioning to date.

The multiplicity of choices among Content Delivery Networks is another score that can help increase the visibility of a site because it never experiences slowdowns as single-source data centers often do. According to Cedexis, via a case study, perpetual presence widens the market penetration of an entity and even helps overcome natural disasters like hurricanes and storms that often cause multiple issues on colocation facilities.

Cedexis therefore qualifies to the prestigious ‘club’ of one of the best Rising Stars in Europe, for 2012, because it moulds tech to be beneficial to both the end-user and data provider. The software’s reach to virtually all countries in the world helps select the most versatile data facility or network, all in one big bubble of the cloud. This, in turn, helps map the concerned sites all the time and at their peak. Need one add that that is how the world becomes more than a global village?

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