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Top 25 Rising European Stars 2012 – Besol Tapp

Top 25 Rising European Stars 2012 – Besol Tapp

…Tapp Scores a Hat Trick via Semi-Autonomous Cloud Management Interface


After making it to the prestigious shortlist, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer Hector Rodriguez said:There are the realists and then there are the wannabes. Besol, a startup, just a year-old from Spain is not one of the wannabes, if its acclaim so far is anything to go by. Through its Tapp framework, Besol has been able to earn early recognition by GigaOm’s LaunchPad, which honored the most versatile European tech startups in mid-October, 2012 is an innovative cloud brokerage on steroids.”

To second this view, one finds out that the place where has chosen for its fodder is already full to the brim. It underscores cut-throat rivalry from trail blazers like RightScale and thus the need for novel solutions. As such, Tapp has scored a hat trick by being a go-between the source machine and the public cloud. There is that thin line between the CPU in an office and the remote host of its data, an often unnecessary line that renders the cloud almost excruciatingly cold and fixed. Knowing that many entities are clamoring for the other side of the cloud which not only stores data but allows freedom of choice between one vendor and another, Tapp, steps in. Though it is not a fully-fledged multiplatform hopper like Cedexis, another European Rising Star, it however shines with its cohabitation features. Via its inter-datacenter transfer tool, it helps to map out which cloud provider is at the optimal best, at the given moment, for tapping into.

dns-admin-cloudBesol Tapp also configures an online workspace, through its access shell penetration capabilities. Like Cedexis, it almost eliminates the need for a physical machine on which to undertake documentation work. Real-time office events like creating a document, putting a signature, deploying data and the like can occur in a jiffy online, with no privacy hitch.

Other than Sever Management? is also a tool for managing the DNS interface especially for entities that have multiple Internet Protocol issues to deal with. It might be streamlining the codes of various sites and blogs under its behest. It might also be synchronizing the servers to suit the action of the domain or portal on which a company’s site operates. Via its Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) dispensations, taming conflicting domain programs has never been easier.

One of the ways that Besol Tapp has managed to revolutionize its floating layer, which sandwiches it between the source machine and the cloud, is by eliminating vendor lock-tapp-2-cloud-monitoringin. If there should be any breakthrough in open-ended management, then open source synchronization of apps should be the one catalyst necessary. Tapp’s ‘vendor unlock’ is the score by which it saves over-reliance on a single provider in the cloud. What if that infrastructure failed from the effects of a super storm, a deluge, outage or any other natural calamity? For, management means opening OS’s, so that the data sways between Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and other coding multiplicities that limit cohabitation in multiple platforms.

On the market side of things, Tapp helps to monitor the entire data network and even visualize it. It presents a web map encapsulating the Central Processing Unit, the memory capacity, the remote data center and the broadband necessary. It audits results which can help leverage on costs, especially for pay-as-you-use clientele.

The above monitoring model comes short, in comparison with existing autonomous cloud hoppers available in terms of lacking a studious aspect to enhance its practical survey into the needs of the network. RightScale, a longtime provider in this niche, for instance, produces whitepapers that detail on the entire ecosystem of the cloud rather than concentrating on the cocoon of management alone. For example, it offers information on such important starting points as, initializing a private, public or hybrid cloud. This exemplifies how tools like Tapp should also expand their scope to improve on general outcomes rather than specializing too much on semi-autonomous management.

There’s Brokerage

Still, Tapp is a superb tool as far as server brokerage is concerned. It has, in its behest, important service providers in the industry like Amazon WS and Rackspace. This means that interchanging infrastructures becomes as easy as anyone can wish. This, however, does not happen on a silver platter: it requires system configuration through iterative scripting but this may change as the startup is about to score its next positive trick. Its “Migration Broker”, coming soon, will make the switch more automatic than it is now.

In summation, it is fair to say that the definitive moment of Besol as one of the top 25 European Rising Stars for 2012 is its spirit of introducing novelty into a cut-throat scene. It straddles the world of multiplatform cloud sandwiches and that of independent remote management, the latter being the one aspect it has firm grip on. Thus, if ever caught up between the source and the remote data center, here is a friend indeed.

By John Omwamba

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