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Wall Of Confusion And The DevOps Tea Party

Wall Of Confusion

As an I.T management model that expands on the Agile Development framework, DevOps has seen much increase in hype in the last two years. In contrast to how Social Media and the Web 2.0 concept defined content generation and content consumption, the collective approach to I.T operations and software development systems looked to enhance the systems based approach to building and operating software systems.

The critical acclaim that DevOps received beyond its initial steps were further endorsed by movements like DevOps Days and DevOps Meetups, with each of these movements consistently gaining momentum towards standardization.

As a discipline that brings development and I.T operations together, there are a few things we believe merit discussion –

1) As a practical I.T model, DevOps is more than a mere cultural change. It also seeks to play a role in lowering the proverbial wall of confusion between Operations (Ops) and Software Development Engineers (Dev). It does this through collaboration on an enterprise level.

2) The wall of confusion is one factor that separates devs from ops. This wall, if brought down, can contribute towards a more harmonious acceptance of what each party holds near and dear. For example, developers are more prone to working on change – as in continuous innovation and product enrichment. Ops, on the other hand, are more inclined towards a more stable environment that streamlines the whole software development life cycle processes. For example, business continuity via active release management principles to maintain business integrity may be valued more over change.

3) When it comes to Cloud Computing, DevOps and developers go hand in hand. DevOps are quite resourceful and can generate improved productivity and great application features by way of keeping control and core access for necessary customizations in large-scale business applications.

4) In the Software as a Service (SaaS) environment, DevOps are increasingly being taken into confidence as real-time Cloud requirement change at break-neck speeds, and Cloud availability, reliability, scalability, automation and security all come to play at the same table.

5) Puppet, Chef, or ControlTier all contribute to the focus on a unified wisdom of tooling to enable a solution to a given problem rather than concentrating on forming a census on the problem itself. Quite naturally, that would be the first gut instinct, both for technology players as well as for expert opinions on unifying a new concept. The case, no matter how similar, must be given credence to take its own natural path, while we must be careful of all observations in the process.


While this article also borrows from a variety of sources, it is now known that the DevOps model for a more collaborative and shared approach to integrating development with system administration / operation is the way forward.

Notwithstanding organizational change management challenges, the DevOps model of running I.T operations along with development pods is moving ahead. Whether organizations can successfully align their existing methodologies to this phenomenon or not, is, at best, a guess.

In the meanwhile, organizations that are already successfully running operations under this umbrella have a tale of their own to tell – if anyone wants to listen!

By Pere Hospital

Pere Hospital (CISSP & OSCP) is the CTO and co-founder at Cloudways Ltd. He has over two decades of experience in IT Security, Risk Analysis and Virtualization Technologies. You can follow Pere on Twitter at @perehospital or learn more about Cloudways at www.cloudways.com.

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