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Keep Your Email Archived And Secure In The Cloud

Keep Your Email Archived And Secure In The Cloud

Since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a popular mode for businesses to communicate with consumers and their fanbase, some have wondered, where does this leave the future of email communication? While the number of Tweeters and Facebook users are rising (62 percent), 85 percent of the world is still connected by email, says’s Patricia Reaney. So, why is email still so popular in a world that is taking to social media?


Probably one of the reasons why email is still a popular way to communicate, especially within businesses, is because email is still a more secure and private mode of communication. Recently Google reported that they would not allow the U.S. Government to have possession of information from Gmail and cloud data account users or their emails without a proper warrant for access from U.S. police. Google says this has always been their policy and that they have no plans to change it, reported

Cloud-Based Email

Another reason why email is still a popular way to conduct business between vendors, marketers and IT professionals, is because of the creation of cloud-based email. According to Josh Simon of, cloud-based email users can easily archive their emails and manage a backup of their correspondence in a secured remote server that exists off-site. Your email client would still use the same SMTP relay (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), but with a cloud-based email client you can access your company email from outside your company’s building and it’s not reliant on one server. Users can connect to multiple servers.

Long-Term Storage

Whether you opt to use a free cloud-based email provider, like Gmail, or a paid one for your company, the amount of space and the amount of time you wish to archive your correspondence is limitless. Also, cloud-based email clients are far more affordable to use and usually do not charge more for space that is used, said Simon. The cost to manage and organize correspondence on an in-house server is far more costly as well, keeping records at an off-site location assures a company there is always a record of important correspondence. It is kept secure at another location that no one can have access to without company clearance.

Tamper-Free Storage

Simon also notes that keeping your email archived at a third-party location ensures emails are never tampered with. For example, if a legal team wants to archive correspondence and make sure that it can be submitted as evidence in a court of law for any legal issues or even in the event of an audit.

Having a secured, reliable, easy-to-access way to archive your correspondence is essential if you are managing a company, small or large. Keeping a back up of your correspondence with vendors, clients or employees is a great way to assure that you and the people you do business with will always have your communication in a safe and accessible place, in the cloud.

By Kevin Villanueva

Kevin is a financial consultant and advocate for cloud computing solutions, Kevin is always looking for intelligent ways to simplify his clients’ daily business operations.


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