A „Spoon“ Full Of Cloud Gaming

A „Spoon“ full of Cloud Gaming

Cloud service provider Spoon offers a compelling product for those who are always on the run and lack constant access to their own computer. You are granted access to your own sandbox, a digital desktop on the Spoon servers, and you can access it from every computer anywhere. While synchronizing your data and apps on the server, you even have the possibility to use your data and virtual desktop offline. The newest addition to the services of spoon are games and online storage of game saves, but you might not find the same amount of quality here like on OnLive – both for better and worse.

Spoon is excited to bring app virtualization technology to the gaming community,” said Kenji Obata, founder and CEO of Spoon. “Gamers can now enjoy graphically rich desktop games in the cloud without the latency issues associated with other cloud technologies.” The trick behind this appealing mix of graphic quality and solid performance is the use of a hybrid model using both the cloud servers and the user server. Shared resources reduce the usage of bandwidth and internet connection and allow a higher level of efficiency and service than regular cloud gaming, which solely relies on own servers and full usage of your precious internet connection. This truly is a welcome solution against hardware incompatibility and loss of saved games and game discs with additional offline playing options.

Too bad Spoon can’t yet supply its customers with the real deal in gaming. The range of games available for your own sandbox server is rather limited and only covers open source games, which are available for free already, and niche puzzle and adventure games from studios of lesser renown. One would wonder how well the hybrid technology could cope with AAA-titles and if it is able to offer greater graphical pleasure than the competition does at this very moment. It is probably a question of money as well: Spoon delivers every app and game for free, only the size of the storage space available is determined by the level of your subscription plan. As always, money is a key factor in the gaming industry and both the developers and the service providers alike seek a compensation for their efforts. OnLive charges the user with a handful of dollar for a time-limited usage for the desired game and even grants him a lifetime usage for the full store price of the game. Spoon could sell access to games separately – or advance their subscription options with gaming bundles. In the end, negotiations with the developer will determine the business model used for future gaming on Spoon.

By Robert Baumert

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