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Virtualization: Benefit From The Online VMware Forum 2013

Virtualization: Benefit From The Online VMware Forum 2013


We live in a cynical world, hard-wired to suspect anything that is offered for free. However, one thing that you should never balk at is free education. And if that education is in the hottest area in Information Technology (IT) – virtualization – you shouldn’t just be enthusiastic about it, you should literally be running to the location.

What’s so great about virtualization, you say? Well, let’s look at some of its benefits, shall we?

  1. Virtualization can help save companies money through optimum use of IT resources by consolidating and reallocating them based on utilization and capacity. In contrast, traditional IT paradigms are inflexible and cannot respond to changing demands, thereby creating inefficiencies.

  1. Virtualization can make employees more productive by providing employees a uniform interface independent of underlying infrastructure. Also, with virtualization, they can work remotely or on the move using a multitude of devices.

  1. Virtualization can help companies recover from disasters by disassociating from any specific technology site that may be impacted.

  1. Virtualization can make confidential information more secure through layered security where, for every category of threat, there is an effective control deployed to mitigate the threat. With legacy systems, security is unidirectional, and hence, incomplete.

  1. Virtualization can make companies greener, because optimum resource usage leads to lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

Thankfully, in order to learn about virtualization, you don’t need to even move from your desk. With a few clicks of the mouse and taps of the keyboard, you can register for Online VMware Forum 2013. Here, you can

  • chat and make connections with VMware experts and your IT peers

  • learn about the software-defined data center and new VMware offerings

  • attend live breakout sessions, technical deep dives and discussions

  • navigate in a 3D virtual environment with interactive booths staffed by VMware industry-leading partners

…..and all this, from the comfort of your desk. And for FREE! So, what are you waiting for?

By Sourya Biswas

Sponsored by VMware and Online VMware Forum 2013

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