Understanding Cloud Washing & Its Tricks

Understanding Cloud Washing & Its Tricks

It is particularly common in our society that imitators try to make the most of popular products/services by any means possible. There are many vendors and producers of IT equipment and software tools across the globe –many of these vendors do not have a satisfactory reputation and look for any way possible to exploit the ill-informed. Many of these so called “Cloud” vendors are simply imitators that try to make the most of the catchphrase “The Cloud”.

Normally, these imitators and sometimes, a few reputed companies can also be swayed by the attraction of profits and subsequently they start polishing up their old or low grade equipment under the buzzword and sell it for good margins. The act of these vendors and marketers is called cloud washing. Cloud washing today is prevalent because it is immensely lucrative due to the popularity of the phrase ‘the cloud’.

These vendors, developers and marketers use cloud washing for their old or low standard products to sell at exceedingly high prices. It is a similar concept to that of green washing, which has been popular in the industry due to environment affiliation.

It is imperative for the people involved in IT and related fields to have a clear understanding about both the cloud and the cloud washing to avoid any trick played by these kinds of vendors. Cloud Computing services and systems are capable of following functions and features.

  • Capability of Virtualized infrastructure
  • Billing on the basis of Pay-as-you-use
  • The capability of being a multi – tenant architecture
  • Linear and Modular Capability for Scaling up or scaling down
  • Ability of user self provisioning
  • Easy and Secure Management Tools etc.

These capacities are normally associated with the cloud services or the products – any kind of mismatch with above mentioned services should be doubted to avoid any kind of trick played by the imitators or the extra grabbers.

As you know, the market of cloud computing based services and products is getting more and more popular; and hundreds of new providers and operators are emerging in the domain of the cloud market – they are offering different kinds of services and products with the help of cloud-washing disguises. It is highly recommended to follow the guidelines provided in this article before purchasing any kind of services or products related to cloud computing or saas related technology.

By Walter Bailey

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