Want More Efficient Employees? Let Them Play With Their Own Toys

Want More Efficient Employees? 

Our friends at VMware have been looking at the way work gets done in the post-PC work environment. For some time we have been looking at how Cloud Computing is effecting the business world (and vice versa), Vmware’s “New Way Of Life 2013” study raises some intriguing conclusions. Tech Has Come A Long Way

When I was a kid, the big thing at school was when the cool kids would bring their electronic football games to class. These devices were so pre-GameBoy that they seem quaint now, but there was no denying the pleasure of manipulating the red lights across the display (these ancient games didn’t even have a screen!) The level of tech available today is almost blinding. What the report shows is that workers are using their personal tech for more than just passing the time. The 2012 study was conducted in the Asia Pacific region, so the results are based on answers from workers in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Approximately 2,100 workers were surveyed, and all of the participants work for organizations that employ at least 1000 people globally.

Reasons For Increased Production

Unlike the LED football games of my youth, personal tech devices appear to be increasing worker productivity. The study found that when they were allowed to use their personal devices at work, 80% of workers felt they were more efficient, even when they were working outside the office. 83% of respondents said that they bring their own devices to work, and of those, 93% say that the IT department knows about it. Company IT is the big sticking point in the deal. Security is the biggest issue, along with interfacing with the employer’s IT infrastructure. Only 50% of the participants said that they received IT support for their personal devices. When problems occurred, 63% resolved the problem by Google-ing, and 69% were able to fix it themselves. (This experience would seem to increase the user’s level of tech savvy; whether this is a good thing or not for traditional IT is not determined.)

Workers Prefer Their Own Tools

Employees cite several reasons they prefer to use their personal devices at work. 41% said that clients often contacted them using their personal phones, and 35% said their jobs were mobile in nature. Being more familiar with the software of their personal devices was sited in 28% of replies, 26% felt more engaged on their own devices, and 39% sited greater functionality of their personal devices. 23% simply felt less stressed using their own devices.

By Peter Knight

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