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Dropbox Will Soon Offer SSO For Business Users

Dropbox Will Soon Offer SSO for Business Users


Cloud computing is all about collaboration and backup, and what better application to use for file sharing and backup than services like Dropbox. But companies have been reluctant to adapt the service for business use because of security issues pertaining to the personal nature of the accounts. But all that changed when Dropbox for Business was introduced. Features were adapted for business use and the management of a remote and geographically distributed team. What was once a nightmare for the IT guys became a little bit more welcome.

Dropbox recently added a new admin console feature back in February favoring administrators and easing some of their pain in the constant battle of what-app-is-allowed-on-our-network between the user and the IT. Now hot on the heels of this admin feature is SSO or Single Sign-On which allows users to login at a central identity provider so they can access Dropbox along with all of their other business applications. This feature is meant to make it less likely for the business user to forget one of his username and password combinations. The typical employee has to keep track of several credentials for different applications that they use at work and in time only increases in number. And by integrating Dropbox with SSO, it makes it less likely for users to be without important files. Plus SSO could be easily made to work with a company’s existing password policies.

According to Anand Subramani in his post in the Dropbox for Business official blog, Dropbox will be working with the following identity service providers:

  • Okta
  • Ping Identity
  • OneLogin
  • Symplified
  • Centrify

The feature will be launching next month and will integrate seamlessly with any identity service provider that uses the industry-standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). If you have a custom SAML-based authentication process, then Dropbox will work fine with that also.

By Abdul Salam

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