A study entitled, State of Cyber Security 2017, performed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), suggested that cyber security staff are becoming increasingly difficult to find in such a rapidly expanding and evolving field. The report was based on a survey of 633 cyber security specialists across North America and Europe, with 27% stating that they were unable to fill open cyber security positions in their businesses and another 14% unsure as to whether they would ever fill those positions...

Simple And Useful Cloud Computing Security Tips

Simple And Useful Cloud Computing Security Tips

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In the modern world of big data, cloud computing is becoming a greater part of both the business world and our personal lives. While cloud computing provides us with convenient access to data from many locations, it had also introduced new security issues that were not present back when all of our data existed on our own personal hard drives. How can you be sure that your personal or business information is safe? Here are a few useful cloud computing security tips.

First of all, it is important to remember that when it comes to cloud computing, your data is only as a safe as your weakest password. Everyone who has access to the cloud needs to be trained on how to make their password as secure as possible. When it comes to the primary server access, the fewer who know the password, the better. Make the password difficult to guess, and change it on a regular basis to ensure security.

Authentication is becoming more and more common in the Internet world. Often times to check a credit card balance you need to provide an additional piece of information. Having a security question or two on each person with access can give you a second line of defense against would be hackers. It’s one thing to get someone’s password, but to know the make and model of their first car or the name of the city they were born means personal knowledge. Not having the security question always be a person’s mother’s maiden name, like in the past, means a criminal doesn’t know what personal info they need to acquire to hack an account.

Your next line of defense is data encryption. Even if someone manages to get through a password and answer a personal question, they still won’t have any useful data. This will make users more confident in your cloud security and give you greater peace of mind. A firewall will shore things up even further.

Logs are important in case there is a breach in security. Knowing every IP and MAC address that have been in and out of the cloud can help authorities to track criminals down later. Finally, you want to be sure that data is backed up so that there is no catastrophic loss in case of a server problem.

With all of these fail safes in place, you can rest a lot easier performing your cloud computing. The proper security lets you just focus on the convenience.

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