Cloud Infographic: Raise Your Cloud IQ

Cloud Infographic: Raise Your Cloud IQ

What Is?

Data Center

A purpose-built facility for housing ICT resources, e.g. computing servers and telecommunications equipment. Very large enterprises (e.g. Facebook, Google) operate their own facilities. Others are “carrier neutral” and make up the points of presence for telecoms firms to build their networks and that make up the Internet’s backbone. Some are used expressly to provide colocation services to business customers. Datacentres are also the “homes” of cloud services


In a technology environment, a concept whereby the logical entity (like a network, server or desktop platform) is separated from the physical entity (the hardware itself). In a cloud hosting situation, this would mean that virtual machines perform the functions historically provided by dedicated servers, offering significant performance and resilience advantages… More Cloud Jargon Terms can be found over at:

What is your cloud IQ? Attached is an insightful and very creative infographic produced by SAP.


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