Malware Will Cripple Cloud And IoT Infrastructure If Not Contained

The Malware Cloud Concern This year we’ve had two cyber attacks in which malware was used to cripple government computer systems. Unless counter-measures are deployed, similar malware attacks can be used against cloud and IoT infrastructure. 2017 started with the…

Cloud Infographic: The Cloud Is Here To Stay

Cloud Infographic: The Cloud Is Here To Stay

Three factors were individually tested to measure server performance – processor, memory and storage – and each were evaluated working jointly during workloads for an overall server performance grade. A bare-metal dedicated server was used as a benchmark control. Read More

Edit: An infographic provided by Firehost with statistical sources from Cisco, Gartner and Forbes…

-60%  business workload report in the cloud by 2016 can be found at  Cisco Global Cloud Index.

– “Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011 – 2016 (Q4 Update published Feb. 8, 2013) as well as Forbes

FireHost-Performance-Infographic copy

Infographic Source: Firehost



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