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Last Weeks Acquisition By Software AG

Last Weeks Acquisition By Software AG

Small and medium-sized businesses have something new to be excited about. Software AG who last week purchased LongJump, a PaaS (Platform as a Service) vendor who in the past has worked with giants like Cisco, AT&T, and Gannett to provide white-labeled PaaS. The terms of the deal were undisclosed, but Software AG says that it will reveal the details of how it will weave LongJump’s technology into its own middleware portfolio when they are ready.

LongJump uses open-source elements including MySQL database and Tomcat application server, so it is compatible with a majority of the systems out there without needing additional tweaking. What makes LongJump important for small and medium businesses is its ability to allow users to utilize an already defined set of models and templates for creating cloud applications without the need of coding. This immensely helps businesses to minimize IT expenditure. This was reiterated during Software AG’s announcement.

Users have the choice of a hosted version which is being served through Rackspace or they could self- host in their own data center or on a cloud hosting service of their choosing. This offers up a lot of flexibility for the customers and will allow them to keep existing ties with other partners. Another great feature is the ability to white-label LongJump’s services and use their own branding and design to the core elements, and of course market it as their own service.

The deal coincidentally comes in the same week as the launch of Pivotal, a new company directly from VMware and its parent EMC. Pivotal is another PaaS provider using technologies from both parents which gives customers to replicate IT operations from tech giants like Google, AWS, and Facebook.

By Abdul Salam

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