Startup Brings Wine To The Cloud Cellar

Startup Brings wine to the Cloud Cellar

They say that wine gets better with age. This is only true, however, when it is under slow fermentation in a cellar, and at that, a cloud-based dungeon, if the following news-making transition by a US company is anything to go by. The startup has already transferred all sales, marketing and distribution constituents of its brewery to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) framework. One only has to make a request, and voila, the bottle is at the table, abroad.

There are some worthy additions, however, that make this more than mere email marketing or even traditional commodity shipping. The automated sales platform of the company is tracking down its growing list of prime tasters, now numbering 100, by suggesting improvements to their cellars. Market information shows that it can construe persuasive marketing to such personal quips as, one’s store is half full and it needs a refill, or one’s stock of the foregoing week remains untouched, despite having changed hands, and maybe the wine connoisseur needs a new brand from the same company.

The move to the cloud by this company by man and wife, who come from different fields, one in vintage wine and the other finance, has attracted rave press on the web. The primary point of lauding is the revolution they are making to customer relationship. It is now even possible to orientate the pricing to much cheaper value than that of a physical store. The upshot of this is that a bottle can go for as little as $130, a difference that halves the price of the same quantity, the previous year. The reason for this is simple: the cloud has a centralized and commodity-savvy system that reduces expenses of equipment. Storage is pay-as-you-use and the applications are at throw away prices, should one make the necessity of availing them.

There are already big names in the celebrity rooster that have joined the century-odd prime wine tasters, for the US startup. These include the cinema star, Harrison Ford, who is apparently enjoying the break from the conventional location-based wine shop.

The startup also vaunts a consortium of bright lights in their fields that are helping the husband-and-wife team to run the company on the public cloud. One of these is a partner with a tech establishment, while the other works with the World Economic Forum. This gives but a hint of how business and finance go hand-in-hand with technology.

Apparently, the company whose physical offices are in St. Helena says that its appellation, Soutirage, derives from a French word that means culling of lees at the bottom of the drink, from pure wine. Thus, it may look, from the outset, like a pure offering for the elite through the cloud computing conduit.

In denouement, it suffices to say that these wine revolutionists are not using cloud computing in the traditional way to reach consumers. Albeit, they approach digital marketing as gentlemen who do not lure their clients by a fusillade of email lists. There are no Press Releases, either. Rather, they use individual quips to poke the ribs of each of the prime clients and thus have them take another bottle off the soft rack. There is also the appendage of advisory communiqués on what wine in the market, currently lifts one’s spirit best. To do this work, the team passes the information to the select customers on a regular basis, via, as one may have guessed, technological outlets. To this end, the consumers have the luck of getting microscopic updates about their latest wine bottles, in their cloud ‘cellars.’

By John Omwamba

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