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It Is All New Ideas In Canada’s Cloud And Tech Meetings

It Is All New Ideas In Canada’s Cloud And Tech Meetings

On June 19 to 21, Canadians and other worldly geeks have a chance to attend a conference on ideas that goes under the theme Ideacity. There will be more than meets the eye in this conference, as it will attract a plethora of idea spinners, who dream big and bring the ideal to the table. One of these will be able to offer a sample of how cloud computing can make 3-dimension printing a reality to anyone who wishes to churn out as many copies with different sides as possible.

The essence of the meeting will be to have men, some of whom are rich over their shoulders, say something that passes as smart to their keen audience. It might or might not have a cloud tag to it, but still, it will amount into a tech’s ideal situation. For instance, the man who invented a bicycle made of cardboard will enunciate how it is dynamic in form, materially firm, and water resistant, besides why it has to cost nine dollars. On the sidelines will be the scientist who created the globe’s initial self-conscious robot, known as Nico.

New Horizons in Data

The connoisseurs who will attend the meeting will also have a chance to present their T/A with their effervescing ideas on cloud and data. One of these will be highlighting how to make much of analytics and glean more from a sample of data. Perhaps the expert will present a data analysis application, which is currently available on the web. This app helps webmasters, researchers and tech staff, among others, to use data correctly after analyzing it. Apparently, the same billionaire behind the above product is also a leader in pioneering information systems appropriate for the handheld device, including smartphones.

Big data, as it affects the industries at the heart of modern life, will also have a field day on the upcoming summit. One of the experts in this niche will be exploring how a novel mass transportation product will enable persons to propel via vacuum pipes at neck breaking velocity.

Other Meetings

This will not be the only cloud meeting that will be taking place in Canada. There will be plenty others, with key among them involving Chief Information Officers (CIOs), who will be discussing the question of the private cloud. On the sidelines, these experts will also tackle the query of the triple leading advantages of the cloud app transit or method of delivering stats to the user. This conference will take place in the city of Toronto, perhaps the city that is synonymous with the cloud scene in the country, alongside Ottawa and Winnipeg.

By John Omwamba

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