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Simplifying Workplace Collaboration Using Cloud Communications

Simplifying Workplace Collaboration Using Cloud Communications Cloud…

gives enterprises an opportunity to streamline all their business operations into one big place, the “Cloud”. With multitudes of small, medium and big enterprises embracing the Cloud and the early adopters broadening their penetration, why should communications be left behind? For years, voice communications systems within an organization, big or small, were never considered to be a good candidate for deployment on the Cloud under a SaaS or IaaS model. Thanks to the “liberalization” of communication technologies, Cloud based communications have made their way into the Cloud and are here to stay. Services like Twilio have now made it easier than ever to build enterprise communication services which entirely reside on the Cloud, saving customers the cost, complexity and time it requires to set up an on-premise voice communication infrastructure. Customer services, both internal and external will stand to benefit the most.


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In the early days of phone based customer service, complete voice routing and phone systems had to be installed in a dedicated customer care “call center”. This changed with IP based voice systems which promised significant cost savings, both in terms of infrastructure required to operate a service center and also the cost of voice calls. With Cloud, another major shift is happening, serving voice based services directly from the Cloud, without the need for sophisticated and bulky infrastructure and delivering better, if not same quality of service. Cloud communications have also achieved something which even IP telephony could not: liberalization of voice communication services. This is evident with the success which Twilio has achieved, both in terms of adoption and the quality it delivers. What’s interesting is that even independent developers can put together a voice communication service within minutes! I personally tried it to route calls from an online number, which I purchased on Twilio, creating a voice menu for the number and then routing the call to the relevant person based on what the caller selects. It took me less than an hour to achieve this.

Enterprises now have a plethora of collaboration and communication services to meet diversified and changing needs and requirements of the modern workforce with the goal to increase productivity and keep the focus on business instead of managing the infrastructure. Unifying all these collaboration and communication services deployed in-house for employees and external customer care services not only improves employee collaboration and customer care but also addresses the changing workplace with small teams placed remotely and home based or mobile employees. Solutions served out of the Cloud give enterprises, small and big, the opportunity to deploy UC (Unified Communication) and extract all the benefits which comes with this strategy while at the same time cut down on IT cost, both in terms of the spend on infrastructure and its management.

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By Salam UI Haq

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