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Cloud Based Asynchronous Communication In Health Care Systems

Cloud Based Asynchronous Communication in Health Care systems

HR is a previous resource in any business and with synchronicity evaporating because of the scarcity of human resource. Medicine is no exception, especially in small to medium sized medical practices. Cloud fits perfectly in this equation where Cloud based collaboration, EMR and other such health IT systems make their way into small to medium sized practices. Cloud is already delivering tremendous value, both in terms of productivity and significant savings in cost.

Cloud based asynchronous communication has real potential in sorting out and solving the needs of the modern day healthcare systems where doctors and patients cannot collaborate instantly due to the distance or difference in time zones etc. In developing economies, the need is far greater where normally most health facilities lack reliable internet connections and mobile making it more difficult to track the patient’s location and history.  Message and storage centric systems are two important components of the modern day health care systems in which doctors can collaborate with the fellows and patients by sharing messages,  text, pictures and other useful data for factual data analysis and reporting patient progress.

Exploiting the potential of Media Synchronicity Theory (MST) is the key in turning the face of modern day health care analysis tools.  Two important tools used for health care collaborative improvement systems are conveyance processes which are used for isolated learning and convergence processes, used for sharing the understanding between medical practitioners for improved analysis. Public Clouds must be used in the hospitals for data sharing. Patients does not have to suffer the tiresome tasks of giving their tests on every station, there must be a central Cloud database server, which handles patient records using Cloud based sharing techniques. This will not only decrease the work load of doctors, the life of patients will also be at ease.


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The proposed implementation model for MST consists of five main components which are responsible for the entire core processing in resource sharing. These components are rehearsability, reprocessability, transmission velocity, parallelism and symbols. The most important factor of them is transmission velocity which is the measure of the time required to collaborate with a patient or doctor located in remote or rural area. The recommended practice is to use hybrid cloud models for health care systems and switch in between public and private infrastructures depending upon the needs. The MST based health care systems are widely deployed in many parts of Africa due to their increased success rate.

By Salman UI Haq

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