The proliferation of data and constant growth of content saved on premise, in cloud storage, or a non-integrated solution, poses a challenge to businesses, in terms of both compliance and security. This is not helped by the estimation that 80% of content most businesses have is unstructured. A general lack of understanding of how to manage the data and a reluctance to delete content, leads to ‘data hoarding’..

Cloud Player – Amazon’s Sound Play In The Cloud

Cloud Player – Amazon’s Sound Play in the Cloud


Cloud is beginning to be perceived as a central component in business oriented environments keeping in view the corporate demands and needs of today’s enterprise. The virtualization and remote deployment of resource provided by Cloud is worth adapting at both the individual and enterprise levels There are some benchmark cloud infrastructures and services that are perceived as the benchmarks in the cloud computing domains because of their higher usability and robust solutions to the masses based on cloud computing. Among these benchmarks, Amazon’s EC2 cloud is one of the most colossal Cloud infrastructures which are regarded as of importunate importance in the modern world because of plethora of useful services it has given in the perspective of B2C side of the market.  Cloud player is one of the most important and befitting Cloud services that allow the users to host their favourite music items on Amazon Cloud play them wherever and whenever they want.  Cloud player is supported for many devices like tablets, iPhone and Android phone and is fully integrated into the all-new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. The power of Amazon EC2 Cloud is working at the back end behind this useful service.

Amazon’s Cloud services are working on distributed architecture in which each service before its start is pre-configured with the template Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to get up and running immediately for the dedicated user for example if a user is requesting to play the MP3 files from his Cloud then a dedicated session will be created allowing zero latency experience. Amazon services also create an AMI containing your applications, libraries, data, and associated configuration settings. Because of the web services oriented architecture of the Cloud player, you can schedule and fluctuate the deployed resources at runtime for example dedicated path in Amazon Cloud can use up to thousands of simultaneous threads. The Cloud based web service APIs in your application can automatically scale itself up and down depending on its needs. Cloud player play the songs and music in the form of instances.  Amazon Cloud player uses the Amazon VPA secure service for ensuring the security of the Cloud based resources. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in conjunction with the thread based service allows you to choose an IP Address from a pool of addresses each time at the start of an instance session thus making you anonymous on the Cloud. You also have access to console output of your instances with a secure mechanism. The security of the amazon Cloud lets the users to remotely access the Cloud based resources without any security vulnerabilities.

By Salman UI Haq

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