It has been a tumultuous year in data privacy to say the least – we’ve had a huge increase in data breaches, including some of the largest in history; an uncertain future when it comes to cybersecurity policies; new European regulations that have major implications for U.S. companies; and yet, business carries on...

Cloud Infographic: The Growth Of The Data Center

Cloud Infographic: The Growth Of The Data Center 

Ideal location and growing business opportunity spawn the Caribbean’s first and only tier-IV data center.

Hidden beaches, colorful architecture, pristine reefs, and picturesque plantations; located in the southwestern corner of the Caribbean, Curaçao has it all. But it’s about to get more. Much more.  The island continues to gain prominence as a hub of international finance and commerce. And Curaçao Technology Exchange (CTEX) is preparing to be a key enabler of the region’s business boom.

We are building the first tier-IV data center complex in the region,” says Anthony deLima, CTEX Chairman and CEO. “It will be the most advanced, purpose built, high density technology services facility in the Caribbean and Latin America.” Three catalysts have converged in CTEX’s favor: growth in Latin American emerging markets, advances in cloud computing, and an auspicious locale.

More business, more technology needs 

Business activity in Central and South America has been on the rise for some time. Caribbean nations, at the commercial crossroads between North America, Europe, and Latin America, are experiencing a similar business surge.  Review Full Report

Attached is an infographic provided by Forrester/Equinix that specifically focuses on Data Center Investments which are present in the Asia Pacific.


Infographic Source: Equinix

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