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Benefits Of Virtualized Cloud Based IP-TV Services

Benefits of Virtualized Cloud Based IP-TV Services

TV streaming off the Cloud is going to be huge, in fact, it already is without us noticing. Cloud powered solutions have literally detached the utility of software with the condition of buying expensive hardware and extra resources. Cloud based streaming and data fragmentation technology has enabled millions to enjoy the remote resource power of computing without the need of buying expensive hardware technologies. Cloud based IP TV is one of the benchmark phenomenon in the domain of computing which is revealing the real benefit of Cloud for the general masses.TV

Again, the power of virtualization is behind the live IP TV Cloud based systems in which users can enjoy their favorite TV channels without physical installation of cables, devices or subscription for the Pay TV or cable operators. Cloud TV also brings the advanced user interfaces to cable and IPTV set-top boxes and depletes the need for developing different UI guides for different devices. Cloud IP TV is based on “TV as a service” technology which is working at the back end allowing the cable operators to deliver their user interfaces to QAM and IP set-tops, Internet-connected TVs, gaming devices and specialized streaming boxes. Cloud TV is based on ““write-once deploy-everywhere” protocol which argues the abolishment of the machines level dependencies. Platforms like Cloud TV, ARRIS and Ziggo are providing Cloud based TV services for the millions of users across the globe. The video on demand and remote resource deployment features of Cloud based IP TV technology is compelling the pay TV providers to migrate to the Cloud based platforms in order to refine the performance and media delivery.

Cloud based virtualization provides the best solution for satisfying the voracious appetite of the end users for the stream based media services. Cloud based IP TV works on the principal of on demand delivery and real time scheduling in which there is a pool for all the resources including compute, network and storage, which are allocated from Cloud service providers. A work model of each resource is designed within the Cloud servers to analyze the incoming request and manage the resources according to the user needs. The a predictable influx of LiveTV ICC requests can maneuver the streaming media, for example, the fragmentation and upload/download of packets never continue with a same speed rather it can change according to the available bandwidth and thus the resources are allocated in some other capacities. Cloud based IP TV is likely to experience a great boost as web based CloudTV H5 and in browser support for channel streaming is going to be implemented soon by the Cloud TV platforms like ActionVideo, Switched Media and Funai Electric.

By Salman UI Haq

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