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Cloud Commerce – The Power Of IBM Cloud

Cloud Commerce – The Power of IBM Cloud

There’s no reason putting any further emphasis on the importance of eCommerce and with Cloud, it has just become even more easier to get your own shop up and running in minutes. All the way from shopping carts to CMS driven product galleries, the world has experienced a boost in the automation and computerization of shopping. Cloud has also started to revolutionize the field of eCommerce just as it has shown its competence and ingenuity in other interest areas of the enterprise. Cloud based maintenance of eCommerce related records and scheduling of the incoming orders based of cloud paging techniques has really elevated the key performance variables for the business domains. The advancement in cloud based eCommerce solutions has achieved the critical penetration with the advent of remote shopping carts services across the web, Cloud practitioners are keen to grab the opportunity of depleting all the short comings and latencies in this specific area.

IBM Smart Cloud for eCommerce is one of the leading cloud based e-commerce solutions which has been considered as a hallmark achievement and a benchmark infrastructure for all the upcoming progressions in the cloud based business solutions. IBM Smart Cloud provides business infrastructure, software and hardware, provisioning, management resources, integration and security that serve as the underpinnings of a private or hybrid cloud eCommerce.  IBM smart cloud services provide refined integration for the third party services, for example, the third party integration of Tivoli management system is really being considered as productive and usable platform for the masses.

The Smart Cloud enterprise+ platforms which are based on IBM Smart Cloud are surpassing the eCommerce giants like Amazon and IBM Cloud while providing more robust and productive mechanisms in order to optimize the buying, selling, marketing and other business related procedures independent of the underlying platforms. IBM Sterling Order Management and IBM Payment Systems, IBM Commerce on Cloud offers on demand provisioning of the resources and the users can change the interface whenever they want to provide the end users with a friendly and customized look and feel.  The standardization of the IBM smart cloud allows secure transaction and on premises delivery. Cloud standards like CCRA and Open group compels the service providers’ or third party integration services to stick to the protocols of service which elevates the user trust level and helps avoids of security breaches. IBM web sphere architecture based on smart cloud allows automation of customer offers and promotions which are critically necessary to grab the traffic and business promotions in the eCommerce industry. IBM smart cloud for eCommerce has numerous success stories under its belt that augments it usability and importance.

By Salman UI Haq

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