Cloud Gaming: Benefits Of Kalydo Cloud And File Streaming Game Technology

Cloud Gaming: Benefits of Kalydo Cloud and File streaming Game Technology


Cloud based gaming is the trending phenomenon and the gaming industry is experiencing a massive boost because of the colossal features of Cloud based gaming.  The proprietary Cloud based gaming services are being deployed by many mainstream computing leaders and console developers to provide the end users with the real benefits of Cloud. Cloud offers the best and state-of-the-art gaming services. Equipped with real time data updating and stream technologies, Cloud based gaming offers an exceptional gaming experience. Cloud gaming services are being used both in third party consoles, dedicated platforms and in-browsers games for social media.

Cloud gaming constitutes of two main types, video stream based technology and file stream based technology. Next generation gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox one deploys the complex video streaming technology of the Cloud services but there are some Cloud services especially designed for low resourceful environments and online playing experiences like social media games and in-browser entertainment widgets. One of the leading Clouds gaming service is “Kalydo” which works on file stream technology to provide fast, secure and efficient gameplay experience. Kalydo gaming Cloud offers smart, native and extensible toolkits for the end users in order to customize the solutions and gaming environments. Kalydo player, a plug-in for the native support accompanies developer SDK with detailed manuals, an online management console (KMC) to launch and update the games, detailed and interactive debug facility, live analytics and a ton of easy to use features such as a desktop game launcher. With absolute latency free gaming services, users can literally enjoy the best ever experiences in FPS and racing games.


The power of file streaming comes into play at the core and the end users can download and stream the games with zero latency facilitation.  Cloud based File streaming technology makes it possible to download the data in the form of fragments. If the player is downloading or streaming the game, the data which is necessary for the resumption of the game will be streamed on priority basis, offloading the compute intensive calculations to the Cloud for the delayed streaming, thus providing smooth gameplay.  There is a minimum need of the resources and you can deploy the file streaming Cloud gaming services anywhere just with a reasonable CDN without the need for huge and augmented disk spaces.  As compared to the video stream based Cloud gaming, file stream gaming services are getting popular because of their scalability and affordable nature. There are around 50-million sessions served in over 15 countries worldwide only for the Kalydo gaming Cloud. File streaming also supports the MMO based games. The trend of file stream based Cloud gaming is increasing because of the multifarious benefits and ease of use. The popularity of social media and third party web platforms has also created new opportunities for business ventures in file stream based gaming Clouds and the future has a very bright chance of success for the startups in this domain.

 By Salman UI Haq

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