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Cloud Paging: The Technology Behind Cloud Game Streaming And Live Streaming

Cloud Paging: The Technology Behind Cloud Game Streaming And Live Streaming

Cloud initially started off as a cost-effect and convenient way to get small and medium business up and running on the web but with the exponential growth both within SME and large enterprises, other domains within computing have also started to integrate Cloud within their own equations. First it was PaaS and IaaS then SaaS and now we’ve seen phenomenal growth and adoption of GaaS which is short for Gaming as a Service. It is one of the most useful and powerful Cloud services which are being used for online Cloud based interactive gaming and there are numerous consoles that are being launched based on this technology. For the gaming console leaders in the computing industry, it’s practically impossible to resist the augmented usability of the Cloud managed libraries of content with stream-anywhere capability. ‘Any device gaming’ and ‘click to play’ experiences have equipped the users to stream and play the games anywhere using the Cloud just like they stream the HD media on different web outlets like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Spotify.

Cloud based gaming consoles let the users download and play games without the need of any costly hardware and on demand live downloading based on Cloud is probably the best feature of the latest Cloud gaming services which is being regarded as the perfect realization of the dream to “Cloudify everything”. So what’s the technology working behind this “fragmented downloading”? It’s called “Cloud paging”, a smart new technology that optimizes the in Cloud calculations that are offloaded from the end user machines and consoles for using the capacities of Cloud in order to achieve zero latency performance. Cloud paging is the implementation of the ideas that were focusing on transformation of native software delivery, deployment and provisioning. The Cloud paging uses the ability to pre-visualize the assets to be delivered in the scheduled priority queue and optimizes the calculation and scheduling algorithms in order to cope up the needs during the gaming session or any other Cloud based activity in which end user level interaction is to be inculcated. Cloud paging optimizes the delivery time of media delivery by 20 to 100 times.

It is important to note that unlike conventional Cloud computing practices, Cloud paging does not focus on calculating all the information on the remote servers rather it schedules and delivers the pre-visualized information one page at a time and then the rest of the processing is done in the end user machines in a transient way. This process depletes all the scheduling and performance loopholes and elevates the processing power of the end user level machine. The latency involved in the remote servers is also avoided using the native processing. Cloud paging is used by many state of the art Cloud based gaming services like ‘numecent’ and ‘Approxy’. The gaming service powered by numecent uses the Virtual MMU (Memory Manager Unit) and on machine sand box which is a small jukebox installed on the machines of the end user facilitates to offload that information on Cloud for processing which cannot be done by the user level machine.

Cloud paging technology is being perceived as a beginning to the electrifying boost of the Cloud based services targeting masses. The Cloud based non-linear assets live streaming and download is going to mark the end of the problems like native software installation known as DLL hell and digital downloads.

By Salma UI Haq


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