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iGate To Sponsor World’s Biggest Cloud Exposition

iGate to sponsor world’s biggest cloud exposition

VMworld 2013 authorities made a major announcement on Tuesday as they declared iGate as the Gold Sponsor of the world’s biggest showcase of cloud technology.igate-logo

iGate, the first company in the world to provide integrated operations and technology based on “Business Outcome” solutions, would unveil a number of cutting-edge innovations in cloud technology during the 5-day event scheduled to be held from August 25 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, revealed a press release on the Wall Street Journal.

This marks the ninth consecutive year of partnership between iGate and VMware, the host organization of the event, with the exposition itself marking its decade long foray into cloud-based technology.

This year, the VMworld has picked “Defy Convention” as the motto for the event, with the focus set on introducing tools and applications aimed at small business owners to radically simplify operations based on cloud technologies.

According to a Yahoo Finance report today, a number of leading companies including the CloudFounders are also aiming to surprise the attendees of the 5-day program with VM-centered architectures like the newly introduced “Open vStorage”, along with several upgrades of its CloudFrames vRun products.

However, iGate aims to trump its competitors in terms of innovations and applicable cloud technology, as Sanjay Salunkhe, Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering Solutions at iGATE, says that his company holds a significantly better position to attract customers and showcase its products being the Gold Sponsor of the event.

This conference attracts the highest quality attendees in the virtualization and cloud computing market and we are proud to be Gold sponsors,” he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview.

Partnerships like these strengthen our company by providing an engaging platform to showcase our capabilities and share knowledge with our stakeholders,” he added, emphasizing on the possibilities the VMworld comes with for his company and the future of the cloud technology in general.

iGATE will showcase its innovative outcome-based solutions in cloud in terms of storage, virtualization, network and computing over several industry verticals constructed around VMware’s own in-house technologies.

VMware and iGATE will also hold a number of daily technology sessions and portray business solutions at the specially constructed center-stage iGATE booth during the event.

With the progressive evolution and development in cloud computing, the significance of virtualization and its management has become one of the top priorities for any market, and the conference, with an aim to attract more than 22,000 participants showcasing cloud solutions hope to capitalize on that.

By Blake Adams

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