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Modern Hosting Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Modern Hosting Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Web hosting business has greatly evolved through the last few years. More than ever it is about meeting customer needs and expectations which appeared under the influence of modern world trends and tendencies. Some ideas became much more important than they were even five years ago, and you have to know them all to understand in full the future of the web hosting business. Below are a few trends that directly influence the modern web hosting market and emerged during last years:

  • Deeper globalization. The geography of storing shared data has widely expanded: US is not the only choice for the data centers now. The highest rate is in Netherlands with around 30% of all European data centers, but Asian market (first of all Singapore) is expanding in giant steps as well. The hosting market goes global dependent on political and economical stability, electricity costs, human resources, etc.
  • Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is one of the most promising trends since it focuses on new ways of delivering services to the end user. It offers different services with remote access to make obsolete the idea of purchasing complicated and costly equipment and software. The cloud also allows to stay mobile on almost all occasions since software used is browser-based thus any tablet pc, laptop or even smartphone can operate it. There are many advantages of this hosting type such as ease of use and performance, scalability (you can increase bandwidth and server resources on the fly), reliability (since several standalone servers are located in one cluster) and overall cost.
  • Application-based hosting. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model becomes more and more popular every year. The software-based hosting provides built-in access to special programs to help you create and administrate your own Web content without special knowledge. These programs include, for example Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. All of them have a user-friendly interface and require only basic computer skills to operate. Moreover they are easily integrated with third-party themes, plugins and
  • Green hosting. The modern tendency of adapting everything around us to eco-friendly standards is now considered as one of the most popular trends in web hosting as well. It is based on the idea of creating a hosting company with a zero carbon footprint meaning that it has no negative affects to the environment. Another aspect of the eco-friendly policy is alternative energy sources used in powering company resources such as solar or wind energy.
  • Hybrid solutions. Even among those quite recent trends hybrid hosting is the youngest one. It uses the benefits of the private cloud, public cloud and dedicated server in one. This is done to create highly flexible and customizable infrastructure that can serve many purposes. First of all this means improved latency, security and reliability since sensitive data is located on the private cloud, while applications are located on the public cloud servers. The next thing is the efficient management of multi-leveled applications. Each level requires special infrastructure, for instance databases will usually be located on dedicated servers and web applications will reside on the cloud thus making whole system more effective and optimized. The last thing worth mentioning is compatibility. There is still a lot of software (for example in the banking field) that can work on only specific hardware configurations and the risk of losing data through upgrades in most cases can’t be afforded. Though clouds are highly customizable it is not cost- and time-effective in most cases to adapt them to old hardware. The hybrid cloud instead may link these dedicated servers to modern clouds in order to make them compatible and operate them as a whole.

These are recent and in my opinion the most important trends of the web hosting field today. Its further development is still on the rise though, so I think that there will be many more in the next few years. What other hosting trends can you think of?

By Jonathan Gretton

Jonathan is a marketing and service manager at, an established company offering the extensive choice of cloud and virtual server options for various related requirements.

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