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Recognizing Your Current ERP Software’s Inadequacies

Recognizing Your Current ERP Software Inadequacies

There comes a time when your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software may struggle to keep up with your business’s growing needs and/or changes. Developers are constantly improving functionality and integrating changes based on a user’s requirements.

When facing the fact that your business has outgrown your current accounting and ERP software, you may think that an entire new package is the only answer. Chances are that a simple package upgrade or enhancement is sufficient.

If you are not sure whether your business has outgrown your current accounting and ERP software, refer to the following signs:

1. Slow Performance

It is common for slower software function to occur when the amount of data stored becomes larger. This can become a serious issue and decrease productivity. It is often difficult to find a more powerful solution to this problem.

2. Dependence on External Applications

If you find that there is a need to manually create Excel reports due to your current accounting software being incapable of providing the reports you need, an upgrade that includes the features you need is in order. An efficient accounting and ERP software program should be capable of providing push-button reports.

3. Manual Data Entry

An upgrade is definitely in order if you are manually completing tasks that should be handled by software. Tasks such as manual entry of orders is inefficient and could be avoided with the right software. If you have to implement several methods of keeping your accounting records in order, it is time for an upgrade. This is not uncommon as businesses grow and change over time, and ‘make do’ methods are implemented.

4. Timely Access Inefficiencies

Without real-time access to vital data your business is suffering. When you need to wait until the end of the day, or worse still, month-end to have access to the data you require for efficient running of your business, your current software is seriously lacking and may be impacting your bottom line.

Up to date information and data is crucial to the decision-making process of any business. Any system that is slow, requires excessive manual input relies on additional applications to provide the reports needed, is clearly not addressing your current business needs. Fortunately, you do not have to continue in this manner. Check into the latest available software and see what it will take to get your business back to an efficient, productive and capable business that addresses yours and your customers needs.

By Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is a former sales manager who moonlights as a Tech columnist. He is currently retired in Jacksonville, Florida. 

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