Big Data plays a major role in gaming, an industry valued at over $90 billion today. With the gaming industry more competitive than ever, developers are trying to understand player psychology and behavior to ensure games are constructed in such a way that players find their “flow zone.” Ensuring gamers keep coming back through game optimization, refining factors which encourage titles going viral...

Cloud Infographic: Survey Shows Enterprise Dev/Test Infrastructure Holding Back

Cloud Infographic: Survey Shows Enterprise Dev/Test Infrastructure Holding Back

An excellent infographic  provided by which highlights a number of growing trends and areas which need to be addressed with regards to cloud development and testing.

Some key results include:

  •    Two-thirds need to urgently fix the fact their infrastructure is holding them back from being as agile as the business demands, given 80% say they face shortages of dev/test infrastructure sometimes, often or all the time.
  •     83% of organizations are adopting DevOps principles to help address agility.
  •    73% of respondents say their groups are running some dev/test workloads in a public IaaS cloud, though, 78% report that their dev/test environments are different than their production environments.



Infographic Source: Ravello Systems

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