Cloud Startup: Sascea

Cloud Startup: Sascea

How Sascea is for Freeing Business With Up-to-date Cloud Applications

When companies are battling for customer supremacy, they use applications that are savvy with the clientele. As such, these apps are everywhere, ranging from social media to customer relationship management tools.


However, when it is time to call the shots for what an organization has been up to of late, it may take a while to unearth the details. This is why cloud applications that the following Canadian startup provides are more than ever necessary for businesses. Sascea is the name of this Software as a Service (SaaS) startup from Toronto. The following is a highlight of how its Big Picture may be the application for freeing businesses when uptime is essential.

The Big Picture

The vision behind the upcoming Big Picture is the everyday tasks of organizations, mostly department-based, that they would rather transfer online but still retain their localized essence. For instance, with this app, Sascea will ensure that receipts on the cloud replicate those that are on the desk at the given moment. This is because of the aggregation of magnifying software, all available in a SaaS environment. Accordingly, the transaction that is actually taking place in a virtual environment will have each scanned document available simultaneously. This will not only simplify the work of a clerk or manager but create credibility for the clientele.

The Big Picture also seeks to free bookkeepers from having to stack records-upon-records of timesheets, invoices or ledger books. Consumers can send their timesheets on a cellular device, having taken photos of the payment documents, while the department responsible retrieves them from its cloud repository. This idea of using the mobile as a commonplace but fast transaction tool, it is true, has been in the offing for sometime, but for Sascea, it means making consumer apps more of business apps. They ought to vaunt the same speed of retrieval, universal accessibility and efficiency.


Freeing Disk Space and Eliminating Narrowband

One of the purposes that Sascea is coming up with its applications is to practically highlight three major challenges that face organizations. These include:

  1. Storage expenditure. The answer, according to the company, is to provide a SaaS environment where clients can access as much space as they want on a pay-as-you-use premise.
  2. Slow processing. Processing is not all about having a fast CPU but a systematic storage center, which is the kind of database with fast processors that this startup promises the users.
  3. Poor Web access. While using a narrowband to access the Internet, organizations find that they are losing customers or even leaving tasks unaccomplished. Sascea’s answer is what it calls ‘Internet everywhere.’

The Daft Ideas behind Sascea

This Canadian cloud company considers that if there can be a social media network whose apps are now accessible by a sixth of the world’s population, then it is only logical that businesses, too, should have such an app for an equal number of consumers. The other hypothesis is that, if Google can display pages during a typical search in a millisecond, then it follows that organizations can also comb for data that relates to them in less that the age it takes to do so, currently. Finally, the company begs the question that social networking tools are so instinctive that they need not train users, while those of companies require weeks of training. These are the ideas by the company on how freeing businesses from low-performing applications should work.


Sascea requires users to sign up for a Beta account in order to enjoy the pay-per-use services on its cloud platform.

In short, this startup leads the pack among North American IT companies that are pushing the boundaries of hitherto consumer-intuitive apps into the business realm. For Sascea, this involves turning the business cloud into a SaaS’, as well as, custom apps’ infrastructure, where clientele can develop their applications even further. This is why it deserves a place in the top North American cloud startups.

By John Omwamba

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