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The Compromise For Internal And External IT

The compromise for internal and external IT

Sourcing of processes and parts manufacturing have been commonplace in the industry for a long time. For example, large automotive companies like Ford and Toyota do not make every single part of the ca that they design and sell. They do not make each nut and bolt, seat cover or the windshields or even brakes in their vehicles, but rather they source them from other companies that are more specialized to make them cheaper. This puts Ford or Toyota in a position where they can use the resources supposedly for those small parts into something that would make a difference in their core business, which is design and engineering.

This goes the same for an organization with a running IT department. The organization should not rely solely on that relatively small department for all of their services and technology. This often results to overload and misfires by the IT department. The organization should assess the strengths and weaknesses of their in-house IT and put it to work on the things it can do efficiently. All other things that look like it is out of the expertise of the department but are truly required will have to be sourced from different third party cloud computing service providers.

But the common vision is that corporate IT should be evolving and gets ever closer to the core requirements of the business organization. It should then be able to anticipate business requirements and even suggest emerging technology trends that may benefit the business. But to be able to take advantage of cloud computing fully, any self-serving corporate IT should source some commodity services to outside third-party service providers who can actually do it better than them, of course only when and where it makes sense. There is no point for an internal IT department if everything will be sourced anyway.

An informed decision is always required when it comes to assessing cloud computing options, especially on which services can be done by internal IT and which ones should be sourced to third-party providers. Graphs and lists should be made in order to have a graphical representation of all the services and processes required by the organization and the reason and pros and cons of each when given to internal IT or sourced to outside providers.

Efficiency as well as cost effectiveness are two key elements to look for when choosing internal or external.

By Abdul Salam

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