What To Ask Your Vendor About When Choosing A Cloud ERP System

What to Ask Your Vendor About When Choosing a Cloud ERP System

Cloud-based software systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses worldwide. ERP systems provide a high degree of practical value to businesses that make daily operations easier and more efficient. There are many ERP vendors that offer great features and 24/7 technical support to their clients. However, before you take any important steps, it is important to bring up 3 important points to your vendor so you choose the right CloudERP system for your business.

1. Upgrades

Today, most applications are regularly updated to maintain and improve functionality. It is important to know if your ERP vendor is capable of using the most recent versions of the systems . Not having the updated systems can cause major losses to business including, significant reduction in the overall production and revenue of the company. Make sure to ask your vendor to notify you of upgrades beforehand and inquire about potential risks of upgrades on your business.

2. Data Ownership

Data Ownership is the first and most important factor to take into consideration when choosing a Cloud ERP system. It is vital to keep your data under your ownership even if it’s being hosted elsewhere. Make sure that the Cloud vendor is able to assign you ownership. The host should allow you to export all the data as per the requirement. Be wary of the consequences if you hand over ownership to the host company and fail to make payments on time in the future. Keep your data in safe hands to avoid the complications in future.

3. Agreement

The uptime and availability of cloud applications are controlled by the host itself. Because you rely on the ERP vendor for this aspect, it is wise to ask for serviced level agreement from your Cloud vendor. This agreement should incorporate details on services that will be provided by the vendor and maintenance schedules. It is important to know about guaranteed uptime to ensure it is suitable for your business.

If you’re attempting to find Cloud ERP systems for your business, you should understand the inter workings of these systems in your business. Evaluate all aspects carefully before committing to anything. Review all the important factors before selecting an ERP system for your business.

By Alexandra Orange,

Alexandra is head editor of the ERP Vendors Blog. a former sales team leader who has been in the software industry for over 10 years. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Read her blog at erp-vendors.com.

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