Benefits of Cloud Gaming

Benefits of Cloud Gaming


Cloud gaming is gaining considerable momentum for a number of reasons and is positioning itself as the future of how games will be played. Reminiscent of the Sega Channel- perhaps one of the first derivative examples of game streaming- cloud gaming presents players with an alternative to conventional methods of purchase and play. Any person, from virtually any device, can use cloud gaming to get access to the game they want when they want it. There are a few primary benefits to cloud gaming that are worth examining.

Saving Disk Space

Cloud gaming saves your hard drive disk space by storing video game data online. While some information is cached to the user’s computer, tablet or other device , much of a file streamed game can be stored on a server provided by the game company. Many quality PC games today can take 14 gigabytes or more of disk space, not to mention the virtual memory required to run the game. This savings in memory by file streaming instead often results in more fluid game play and additional space for your music or documents. For an XBOX or PS4, cloud gaming may save considerable disk space for saved games as well.

Flexible Use

With recent breakthroughs in hybrid streaming, such as what CiiNOW has done by streaming video and graphics primitives at the same time, it’s much easier to send complex information to mobile devices, tablets and computers at lower bandwidth. Some games are provided through file streaming, a method in which a small percentage of the game is initially installed on a graphics-capable device to allow immediate play. During play, the remainder of the game continues to download. For movie, TV or less graphic intensive games, video streaming- or video on demand- eliminates the necessity of a game console. Although game consoles or PCs will probably continue to be prevalent, cloud gaming will likely continue to gain popularity as a way to experience new games without having to buy entire game systems.

Protecting Your Game

The best thing about cloud streaming is that there’s no CD for you to keep track of. If you want to reinstall the game on a new computer but lost the original installation disk, you’re covered. Also, you don’t have to worry about the disc breaking or the disc getting severely damaged 20 minutes after you buy it. All the important data is stored online. If you have to do an emergency restore on your PC, much of your vital information will remain safe through file streamed games.

Cloud streaming has shown a lot of recent success with games such as GTA V. Starcraft II and Diablo II are earlier examples of how successful game streaming can be when catering to a large volume of expectant gamers. Cloud technology suggests a future where dedicated gamers no longer need to wait for hours in line or even leave their home to secure a copy of a brand new game. As mobile technology continues to expand into many areas of entertainment, cloud streaming appears to be a trend that may not be going anywhere anytime soon.

By Robert Cole

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