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Cloud Startup: Bloomerang – Is Expanding In Vision And Workforce!

Indiana’s 2013 TechPoint Startup Winner – Bloomerang – Is Expanding In Vision And Workforce!

Bloomerang, the Indiana startup, began just last year and since has grown significantly; partnering with over five dozen others and winning startup awards such as TechPoint’s 2013 Tech Startup of the Year. Some known partners of Bloomerang’s include Achieve, Commonwealth USA, Cathexis and Fired-Up Fundraising, as well as Avectra and their newest partner Fundly. Interestingly enough, Bloomerang’s co-founder, Jay Love, is also a senior VP at Avectra; which is a company also geared solely towards non-profits.


The startup specializes in cloud-based fundraising, as well as donor relations and is solely dedicated to helping non-profit organizations gain what they need to continue helping their communities. Bloomerang’s creators, Jay Love and Rob Signorelli, are experts in many fields including philanthropy and cloud based software; giving them an edge over others in the industry. Bloomerang’s state of the art software and vision is mostly likely what has attracted so many partners and grants over the past year; it is no wonder that they have been recently recognized as one of Indiana’s top startup companies for 2013.

Their most recent endeavor includes company expansion both in manpower and vision. Currently, Bloomerang is initiating the hiring process in many areas of expertise such as management, programming, sales, IT, and customer service. If these positions are filled locally, Bloomerang will also be eligible for local grants and other assistance, as well.

So what sets Bloomerang apart from other fundraising specialists? According to their website, Bloomerang assists non-profits not only with raising money, but also by connecting with donors for a much longer term relationship than before. Bloomerang assists their clients with the preservation of non-profit donors via helping with effective communication and relationship building. Bloomerang’s software also aids in enhanced donor reports to help non-profits better understand where they stand in terms of donor stats.


Bloomerang is not only interested in helping their clients and partners, but they also offer resources and tips to the public via their website. There they offer webinar dates, times and locations, along with effective practices for building and maintaining healthy relations and more.

While Bloomerang has taken on many local non-profit organizations, they also reach out to non-profits from around the country. They have worked with locals such as Kiwanis International, TechPoint Foundation for Youth and Mental Health America of Tippercanoe. On top of that, though, they have also reached out to Texan Humane Heroes of Texas and The Holiday Heroes Foundation of Illinois, along with many, many others around the country.

They have affordable plans for both small and medium sized non-profits based on record size. Bloomerang’s prices range from just under $100 which includes unlimited user access, complimentary web support and up to one thousand records, all the way up to just under $500 for the same complimentary services and up to forty thousand records.

It appears that Bloomerang sincerely endeavors to assist those who help others in the community and with their strong, knowledgeable workforce they are also extremely capable.

For more information, please visit Bloomerang’s website.

By Glenn Blake

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