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Cloud Startup: Dropplets – Refreshingly Simple!

Cloud Startup: Dropplets – Refreshingly Simple!

Dropplets is all the rage in the blogging world today with its seamless blogging layout, hassle-free of any database background.  Seriously, the blogging world is tweeting about it and spreading the news. Dropplets even made YCombinator’s Hacker News.


Dropplets launched back in February of this year and has since developed through to version 1.6. Built by Jason Schuller from Circa75 Meda, LLC out of Seattle, Washington, Dropplets is a blogging platform that many think of as a CMS or content management system; though it states right on their website that it is not. Regardless of the confusion, this innovative blogging platform is built for the avid advanced blogger who dislikes the database constricting services of other platforms.

So, how does this new, widely talked about blogging platform work? Let’s start with Dropplets’ easy installation process. In less than five minutes users can download the Dropplets file, upload it to whichever server the user desires and password protect all its content. Dropplets doesn’t even ask for an email during installation. Though email isn’t mandatory during installation, users can link their social media accounts or other means of contact to their blog if they desire. Once activated, users can begin blogging offline with Markdown tools and then upload and publish them to their site with Dropplets. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. Even editing posts are straight forward and quickly completed. Simply adjust your post offline and re-upload it with the same publishing name as the first and it will overlap the first post.

Dropplets isn’t known for its high functionality. In fact, simplicity was Mr. Schuller’s top focus when developing the platform. This simplicity, of course, can be what sells the blogging platform for some users and thwarts it for others. With regard to blog appearances, users can upload a photo or image to stand as their blog icon, as well as select one of a few free templates or pay for a higher quality one. However, more advanced personalization capabilities are a bit limited within Dropplets; obviously this plays in with the platform’s simplistic nature.

While many startups seek funding and recruit staff to launch their company, Dropplets has not yet moved down that path. After speaking with Schuller it was found that he has put his own time and money into creating and maintaining Dropplets and has yet to obtain any outside funding.  With that said, Schuller has given much credit to his GitHub community for assisting with the startup’s maintenance. Considering all the kinks and troubleshooting that occurs in the beginning stages of a startup, one might think that it is challenging to maintain everything alone; however Mr. Schuller seems to successfully do it. Schuller deals with all user concerns and troubleshooting alone and publicly through his GitHub page which appears to work for both him and his company.

Dropplets is not Jason Schuller’s first online startup; he also created a few others, including Dropplets’ mother company, Circa75, Press75.com and ThemeGarden.com. More information about Jason Schuller and Dropplets can be found here.

By Tyla Gilings

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