Clutch Cloud Provider Survey

Clutch, who is a leading IT ratings and review firm in the B2B space, held a survey to find out which of the various large cloud providers that companies prefer. The survey found that larger enterprises prefer to use Microsoft Azure, while SMBs (small-to-medium businesses), strongly preferred the Google Cloud Platform...


Cloud Startup: How AppZero Can Help!

Most Businesses Have Transitioned To The Cloud, But Not Everyone – AppZero Can Help!


While over half of U.S. businesses currently use cloud computing in some way or another, there are still so many out there who have not yet jumped on board. It isn’t that surprising, though, considering just how complicated it can be to move an entire IT system of applications to the cloud or to another server. These challenges are just what the AppZero team endeavor to solve, and thus far, have gotten high remarks and positive feedback from clients and on-lookers.

With the rise in cloud computing usage, many, along with AppZero, endeavor to provide a transitional service and software, including Nebula, Rackspace, OnApp, AWS and more.

So, what does AppZero provide that others may not? AppZero’s best qualities include providing their unbeatable Zapp migration technology. This technology seamlessly moves business Windows applications to and over the cloud, whether it is private, public or hybrid, with AppZero Cloud, as well as to other data centers with AppZero Enterprise. For example, with the latest news that WS2003 is finally coming to an end, many companies will need assistance moving their data. from WS2003 to WS2008 or WS2012. AppZero is build for speed, with simple click of the mouse application transfer from old servers to the newer ones like WS2008 and WS2012.

One of the biggest challenges today with moving such enormous amounts of information in and amongst many applications is attempting to move it all without changing or adapting the information in some way. AppZero’s Zapp does just this without the need to re-work or adjust any data, which is the miraculous aspect of its capabilities. What takes other experts days and even weeks AppZero does in minutes.

Since their launch, AppZero has brought in over $15 million in funding between angels and VCs such as Nigel Stokes, who is also AppZero’s chairman and leading investor and Covington, a VC company out of Canada. AppZero has also reached out and partnered with many world renowned companies, including CA Technologies, HP Cloud Services, Amazon Web Service, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and RackSpace.

As businesses continue to leap into cloud computing more and more companies, such as AppZero, will endeavor to assist in the transition. While there are strong competitors in the field, few thus far have been able to provide what AppZero can, in the time they can, and with as few alterations as they do. AppZero seems to have worked out how best to assist businesses with IT migration from their conventional structure to the more commonly used cloud technology of today with ease and piece of mind.

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By Glenn Blake

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