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Cloud Startup: Swyvel – Brings Project Management To The Cloud

Swyvel – Brings Project Management To The Cloud For Enhanced Company Productivity


Project management, regardless of how big or how small, obviously involves many factors; from team member management and tasks management to resource management and budgeting. Effective project management starts with clear communication; though clear communication can get lost in and amongst the multiple project meetings, emails, phone conversations and more. However, if all communications were gathered together onto one platform, effective communication is enhanced immensely. Swyvel is just that platform; the software includes top of the line management elements for project managers, as well as a team member facet where team members can view their specific tasks, task time frames, level of completion and more.

Swyvel began in February of last year, though it wasn’t until November that Swyvel started offering services to those outside its beta testing group. Jeffery Potvin, CEO of Hardboot Inc., thought up Swyvel out of necessity when he experienced firsthand just how challenging it was to manage the various elements (i.e. utilizing multiple applications for project employment, team communication, etc.) of company projects. Considering Hardboot Inc. has around 150 employees and has conducted around 500 projects since its start back in 2007, it is no wonder why Mr. Potvin created such an all inclusive platform that is Swyvel.

From a management perspective, Swyvel enhances project management productivity through easy to use tools and automatic time calculations. Swyvel tools include Gantt chart capabilities, project tracking, milestone setting and tracking, as well as the ability to assign tasks to individual team members and groups and time tracking on all tasks and the project as a whole. With Swyvel, managers are also able to add notes to tasks and projects, which can be displayed privately or publically, and communicate to all or just a few team members as needed.  Further, Swyvel assists managers with easily tracking resources and budgeting. All this and more with one application really is the highlight of the startup.

As for team members, Swyvel helps keep up momentum and enthusiasm for every project by lessening email and task confusion that can occur when project tools are scattered across various platforms. When tasks are assigned, questions can be answered and progress can be tracked all in one location, team members know better what is expected of them. This can boost confidence, moral and over all enthusiasm for each project.

For a quick tour, the Swyvel team created a short clip which briefly glances over the elements of Swyvel capabilities.

Clear communication about the required tasks, deadlines and more is essential to stimulating staff members and efficiency. Swyvel is an amazing piece of software that brings all the team members together; providing an effective and efficient platform for all involved. This, of course, will save time, money and reduce typical project management challenges.

By Glenn Blake

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